The US Presidential Election is a hoax.

I have numerous cites from a veritable cavalcade of nutcases that prove it. Is this the biggest hoax of our times or are there other greater frauds committed up the global populace?

The Statue of Liberty is Kaput.

9/11 was an inside job.

The world is run by the Rothschilds. (Who decide when it’s time for the world to have a recession)

The moon landing was faked.

Wake up SHEEPLE!

Sheeplism is merely a shroud tactic of the grand unified lizard templar bobthebilderberg group. Any fool knows that.

The fool who told you this…his name was…Bob?
Do not defy the Conspiracy!
We have ways to make you talk…

So, you are calling all the members of my family who participated in past elections liars? :dubious:


Don’t call me sir! Your anarchomonarchist class warmongering baloney only serves to distract us from the greater truth of this epoch gosh darn it.

Is it a Duel At Dawn, then?

I have nothing to declare but my ridiculousness.

Indeed! I chose that the weapon will be brick-bats at 50 paces.

**An Gadaí ** may chose the location.

Location? How about Area 51, or the forbidden zone, or Section 13, or Floor 12 and a half? I see through your wafer-thin veneer of reality.

You still haven’t answered my original question: where did all those voters go?

NYC was nuked by the Soviets in the 1980s, everyone who’s been going to NYC in the years since has actually been going to Cleveland. They use mind control rays emedded in TV programs to keep people from noticing the difference or realizing what happened.

That is disconcerting.

No, Bono canceling a tour because he’s too busy builing his Illuminated base in Africa – THAT’S disconcerting.


I would like to point out that all the documents supporting your position are clever forgeries and all the document supporting my position are locked away in a secret archive where no one has ever read them.

Sssshhhhhh… we need the tourist dollars.

In order for me to accept these claims, you must post links! After all, if someone on the internet agrees with you, it must be true!

My ancestors, Jesus and Mary Magdalene, know all about conspiracies and coverups and have passed their wisdom from generation to generation, down to me.

That’s why I’m especially proud of my membership in both the Freemasons and the Trilateral Commission.

It isn’t easy, though. A lot of the other members are jealous because my car gets 200 mpg, running on water.

I have to go now. The Queen of England is on the phone, asking about my latest drug deal. Not to worry, though. The stash is safely hidden behind my “Closed Due to Martial Law” signs.

We all know there is no Delaware. So who is really behind Joe Biden?