The Viral Licker - Blue Bell is on the case.

I’m a bit confused how they could identify a random ice cream freezer in a Walmart. They all look alike to me. I’m suspicious Geo-Tagging actually pointed to the store.

They did find the opened container of ice cream and store surveillance of the suspects entering Walmart.

I bet it won’t be long and tamper proof seals will start appearing on ice cream cartons. Sigh… I hate having to reach for scissors to cut those cellophane bands off.

Another article.

They’ll probably announce an arrest pretty soon.

And here I felt safe in the freezer section. Aaarrggghh!

That Ariana Grande just doesn’t learn.

I’d forgotten about the licked donut incident.

The Blue Bell licker may have remembered it.


isnt blue bell the one that had a bunch of ice cream that made people sick and they tried to weasel their way out of it .when it was shown they knew the ice cream was possibly bad ?

Blue Bell caused a fatality (or two?) a couple years ago when they had a wisteria(?) problem in a packaging machine. It took them a while to nail it down, but IIRC, they were forthcoming through the whole incident and compensated victim(s) families without extensive court battles(s). I may have some facts wrong and I’m sure there’s more to the story than I’m remembering.

Hell, it took over the whole building!

^ I hate that flavor! :smiley:

I can’t even claim one-finger typo as W and L are opposite sides of the keyboard. And different hands, even. Exit, stage weft.

It seems like these things always happen at a Walmart. We’re sticking with Breyers.

I’ve never bought Blue Bell, but any ice cream I’ve purchased has already had a cellophane seal under the lid. Sounds like negligence to me.

I started to wonder “why would a person do that?” and then I snapped back to the reality of what a pointless question it is. I will, however, be mildly interested in whatever lame excuse she comes up with for public consumption.

Police have interviewed the juvenile, 17 yr old suspect & adult boyfriend. Her identity is protected under Texas law.

Her age will change how this is prosecuted. Imho community service at a local hospital would he beneficial. She needs to see what illness & disease can do to people.

Full statement by Lufkin PD. They had a imposter claiming credit online for the incident. That slowed down the investigation that lead to the real suspect.

They had an imposter claim to be the ice cream licker? FFS.

I am Lickicus!

I am Lickutus of Borg.

If it was an elf that did it, it would be Lickolas.

Lick-o-Lass–one of the less popular Silver Age DC Comics heroes.

I am the quicker slicker licker!

A local medical marijuana dispensary was hit by the Pot Likker.