the vocabulary thread

You guys have made me use my dictionary a lot in the past few days.

New words I have learned:
entrainment - the act of drawing along with or after oneself (as in a train)
law of parsimony - Occam’s razor. I had heard of Occam’s razor, but didn’t know what it meant.
Occam’s razor - a philosophical rule that the simplest of competing theories be preferred to the more complex

I enjoy the various discussions on this board, and admire the level of intelligence most people here exhibit.

Any new words in your vocabulary?

Not one I heard here, but a new one in my vocabulary nonetheless.

Glabella - That little space between your eyebrows and above your nose.

I always wondered what that was called. Now I know, and it’s stuck in your brain cells so you do too.

Xeno’s Paradox: In order to get there, you have to get halfway there. And in order to get halfway there, you have to get a quarter of the way there. In order to get a quarter of the way there, you have to get an eighth of the way there. And so on. You’d think you’d never get there…

That’s Zeno.

This isn’t a new word, but it just goes to show you that there’s probably a word for everything.

Quincunx. An arrangement of four objects around a fifth, central object. Originally used for the pattern of pips on the five-face of a die.

Philtrim - the little bit between the nose and mouth. Mine is hidden.

Thanks! I always kiss my girlfriend there but I never knew precisely what it was I was kissing. Now I do.

sigh deny me the joy of beginning a post with the letter X, why don’t you, olent? :wink:

How do you say that? Kwin-kunks? Neat word!

Xiphisternum. For no other reason than to start a post with an “x.” :slight_smile:

Cool words always tend to have a medical slant…
Uvula: that thing that hangs down at the back of your throat.
Borborgymi: tummy rumblings.
Infundibulum. Don’t know what it means, sounds cool though.

Here’s good one: Sesquipedialian- big words or someone who uses them. Literally words a foot and a half long


How is it no one mentioned felching and squicking?

Newbies, if you do not know the meaning of these words, you’re better off.

Infundibulum is a word that describes a funnel-shaped body part. Examples would be the stalk that holds the pituitary gland in place; the calyx of a kidney; or the ovarian opening of a fallopian tube. It comes from the Latin word infundere, which means “to pour in”. This from

Always happy to help.


:: spelling police march in::

That’s “sesquipedalian”.

:: spelling police march out ::

:)Good word!