The Walking Dead; 5.12 "Remember" (open spoilers)

Did anybody catch who Carl sees in the window of the house just outside the gate before they all go in?

He’s with the group as they enter. I don’t remember seeing him after that.

It’s the girl he later follows over the wall.

Probably hiding and cowering in the church like the wuss he is

Okay, that makes sense as it establishes that she sneaks out unsupervised.

Carl asks her, “You don’t like me, don’t you?” And she responds by walking away. I think her guard’s way up, and she does like him. Which also makes me wonder what she’s up to sneaking out there. Does she know something? Or is she afraid of becoming weak, like Carl is afraid of?

They had an Inside Look on the Talking Dead that showed that they built the walls around a real subdivision. With that you have to get all the permits in place, and it seemed pretty clear that if they had run the supports on the inside of the walls, it would have really impeded onto the resident’s property, so it’s my guess it was a pragmatic production choice; working with the circumstance.

At the time the walls were built, their only concern were the dead so what sides the support beams on didn’t really matter. Zombies aren’t going to pay any attention to them (I wonder if there’s any strategic side-effect of having them outside) . NOW, it seems terrible since other people are the potential danger and can tear those post out and bring down the walls.

Carol was great with her “oh golly gee” act.

So how long until Rick sleeps with the haircut owl tattoo woman?

Regarding the gun in the blender- I don’t think anyone last week mentioned the “J” on the handle of the gun. I didn’t notice until I caught the replay right before this new episode. I think the girl saw Rick hide it and has it.

Yes I noticed the same thing and thought huh why are the braces on the outside?

How do they have so much electricity? All day and night power for the whole community!? Have to be a big generator consuming a lot of fuel.

How many people are in Alexandria exactly? Less then twenty adults, seems shockingly underpopulated and who built the galvanized wall?

How stupid is it they waste water/effort maintaining and cutting grass lawns instead of planting edible crops in the space.

How stupid is it they insist on no weapons in town, and apparently haven’t trained everyone on firearm use. What happens when a gang of human raiders or walker swarm comes a calling? To quote Aliens “what should we use then harsh language?”

The Alexandrians seem shockingly naive and foolish to bring in large groups like Rick’s all at once, the best strategy is adding healthy young adults one or two at a time. Granted Rick’s group composition at least indicates some decency.

WTF was the Aiden guy doing when he took them out and they had to kill that walker? Did he say because that walker killed his friends he chained it up, and was vexxed it was put down because he wanted to chain it up again? How stupid is that?

Congresswoman explained that community was built with solar power, access to a cistern and astroturf lawns (okay, not the last one).

Anyone on SDMB listen to “We’re Alive” the zombie serial podcast? There was a recurring community similar to Alexandria but was more draconian than this seems so far.

I think the girl found it too. I also wonder if she’s working with others on the outside.

Hard to believe Alexandria made it this far without serious trouble from the outside. But then, Gabriel somehow made this far too. They did say the Northern Virginia area was almost all evacuated. Guess we’ll have to accept it. There shouldn’t be many zombies either then.

Rick’s people all have PTSD and it looks like they might not be able to adapt. But, their overall mission has been to eventually find someplace to settle. If they really can’t settle down, what are they going to do the rest of the series?

Anyone not think haircutter wife is going to be a source of friction? Here let give you a haircut. Ooh, let me rub those tight shoulders. Yeah, the first housewife who shows up with gifts and not so stealthily finding out if you’re married - that one’s trouble. Her husband’s probably abusive or something.

It was also a bit odd they hadn’t seen any babies in awhile. Is that on purpose? I’d like to know where all those playing children were once they got inside the walls.

It makes sense really, Gabriel had no resources worth killing him over and even the cache of canned food was under water guarded by zombies.

Most people even post-apoc raider gangs are rational, so if a compound is guarded enough so that the effort or risk isn’t worth the payout better to just move on and find what they have elsewhere. With most people dead it makes better sense safety wise to just scavenge than to fight and potentially get killed.

Unless you’re the Guv’na level psycho then it makes sense to waste time fighting a fortified compound with few resources and destroying it in the process.

Well, he was sitting in an unguarded church on a large cache of canned goods, up until right before Rick showed up.

Yea but whoever wanted the canned goods would still have to have gone under water infested with zombies to get it(didn’t Bob get bitten recovering it?).

I doubt Gabriel would offer resistance anyway, why waste time killing him if you’re a group of raiders. Guess the Terminus people would have found him delightful though.:stuck_out_tongue:

When the other kids asked Carl if he wanted to play video games, I thought he’d say, “What kind of video game? A shoot 'em up zombie game? No thanks.”

Looking forward to Darryl’s shower segment.

You’d always want to give the most support against the direction you are defending, even if it’s just the force of walkers. Plus, you’d want the elements that would require maintenance to be inside your fortification. It makes no sense in any scenario other than fanwankland to put the vulnerabilities on the outside.

Now this episode I loved! I thought it was riveting watching the characters have to re-adapt to suburban life, and the ending with Rick saying “we’ll just take it from them.” AWESOME. Some interesting questions came up for me:

  1. When Rick discovered his hidden gun was missing, there was a walker underneath an old rug - did someone plant it there as a trap? It wasn’t there when he first hid the gun, otherwise it would’ve tried to bite him.

  2. Why is Michonne (who up 'til now has been the most guarded of all) suddenly so eager to trust this place?

  3. Carrol’s act was brilliant. I loved the way she handed over the weapons so awkwardly and how she talked about missing her husband. Will she be the MVP if the group does decide to take over Alexandria?

  4. What’s up with haircut girl’s husband? He didn’t seem too friendly and I’m surprised Rick didn’t mention the encounter to anyone else.

  5. What is that teenage girl going over the wall for? Is she another one who thinks the walkers are still people and she’s feeding them? Is she the one who found Rick’s gun?

  6. One other thing I found strange : never saw anyone eating any food. You’d think (after the hot showers) that would be the first thing everyone would do.

Anyway - great episode. More like this, please!

Yes, she had some terrific scenes in this episode. I’m quite fond of her, as well.

The only thing is, Rick, Carl, and Michonne already spent a few episodes in a suburban McMansion, so the whole group moving into another one doesn’t seem so novel.

I thought it was amusing when Carol told Darryl he better take a shower! Just what everyone in the world is thinking. Even if he does, he’s going to put those filthy clothes right back on unless someone grabs them and throws them into the laundry. I can feel Darryl’s discomfort, though - how is he going to fit into this new setting?

Didn’t the congress lady say millions of people were evacuated from the area when the troubles began? That would mean a whole lot less zombies and evil people around as a whole. I did not recognize hair cut girl as the ghost maid from the first season of AHS.