The Walking Dead; 5.12 "Remember" (open spoilers)

I agree with you and your take on the episode, except I do think it was important that Rick qualified that last bit by saying “if they can’t make it work” first. I don’t think they could have him stray too far, morally, and still have us identify affectively with him as the main protagonist.

I saw that as just another unfortunate example of this show’s very selective use of stealthy zombies to provide gotcha startle moments. Some walkers play dead until you’re vulnerable to them. Some can stay quiet until they are right behind you. However, your point is well-taken, in that a zombie presumably wouldn’t have gotten in their on his own. I think it’s just bad writing, because it seems too convoluted to be an intentional trap.

Just what I’ve been wondering. Also, if the writers were going for a Rick-Michonne hook up, they took all that in a very different direction with this episode.

Great catch! I loved her misrepresentation of her backstory and her wearing that awful suburban mom “disguise”, but I didn’t link it back to her awkward handling of the weapon at the beginning. At the time, I was trying to remember how long back it was that she injured her shoulder, and thought that it was just something like that they were going for. But I think you’re right – she was playing weak from the outset. Very cool.

It was also kind of weird how they quickly cut to Rick startling from sleep after that. I couldn’t figure out if the interaction caused him to suddenly wonder about where all the adult men were, or if it had been some kind of weird dream (which seems unlikely). Anytime you hear the crackling of someone’s cigarette when they inhale though, it’s clearly bad news.

I assumed that it was her, and that she has been going to that little house, since Carl was following her and wound up with his dad. I’m guessing that her discomfort with fitting in is similar to our crew’s discomfort. I thought it was a little odd that she was standing in the woods looking around, and then suddenly appeared to see something and took off.
I also thought that Carl’s tracking skills really must suck even after all this time since he almost immediately couldn’t figure out which way she went.

That is a little odd. It would be a particularly good indicator of the group’s pull to join in the community since they made such a big deal out of their hunger and thirst in the episodes that immediately preceded this. It would have been much more useful from a story-telling perspective than five minutes (okay, I exaggerate) of watching someone shave.

I agree 100%!

The huge underwater cache of canned goods was at the food bank in town, not at Gabriel’s church.

Terrific episode. My favorite line was Carl’s when he said the people in Alexandria were “weak”. Not only was it perfect ZA material, but it reminded me of my favorite [Far Side cartoon.](The Far Side Wolves Weak) :smiley:

Owl lady needs to give Carl a haircut, though.

Carol’s interview had me laughing out loud with her Junior League b.s., how the group protects her - I snorted remembering about how she blew Terminus to Kingdom Come - and how she misses that “dear man” Ed every day.

She is one smart cookie.

The sweater she picked to wear was the pièce de résistance.

Question is whether Deanna is buying any of it. She isn’t giving people jobs where they are the most useful, she’s placing people where she wants them.

She also reminds me of Captain Janeway.

I got the same vibe.

I feel like I only come into these threads each week to nitpick or point out stupidity on the part of the showrunners / writers, but I have to say, I thought this week’s episode was very good. (I wanted to cheer when Rick FINALLY shaved.) Glenn’s experience and confrontation with Frat Boy was great; it showed a difference between people who were playing Zombie Apocalypse and those who were actually living it. The fact that Glenn handled the showdown, when it came, so effortlessly was icing on the cake.

The only thing I would have done differently (were I Deanna) is put Rick’s party in charge of foraging outside the walls for a while. That would allow them to use their skills and benefit the overall community the most, while also giving them some time to detox a bit (coming “home” to a safe place each night) before being fully assimilated into the more peaceful overall community.

I really enjoyed this episode. It had so many great moments! I loved Daryl with the possum:“we brought dinner” [snicker]…and then cleaning it on the front steps. Carol was awesome at pretending to be weak. And when that fool (don’t remember his name) was pushing Glenn it was clear that he had no idea how much danger he was in. And of course, Rick’s matter of fact observation that if the people in the compound can’t make it, they will just take the town from them.

As for the girl that Carl followed out in to the woods. I think maybe she is a scout for a group that is planning to attack the compound. She doesn’t like Carl because his group is a threat to those plans. Undoubtedly her group includes the 4 guys that Deanna exiled.

I thought she was Janeway!

I’m not sure which part was better, Carol’s whole schtick or Daryl bringing in his kill to the interview, or cleaning the animal on the floor of the porch with his bare hands in stark contrast to his environment with tools readily available from the kitchen.

I’m guessing as Rick is the new constable, something is going to cause conflict between the current residents and his group, he’ll decide in favor of his group, and then as a result will have to kill everyone. That would be awesome.

Forgot to mention - it would have really stepped up the tension if Daryl decided to just kill the person that attacked Glenn. I would have enjoyed that. Actually, maybe broke his neck, then stabbed his reanimated body. Have the towns people form a hostile group around them, and Rick’s party form a circle ready to defend and kill everyone while the Mayor person comes in attempting to settle the situation - roll credits.

I really enjoyed this episode, it gave me a lot to chew on.

That Deanna woman ain’t right, somehow. Something is not right there. (I have not read the comics, so don’t tell me!)

I love the guy who thought he was prepared because he’d been in ROTC. Almost fell off the bed laughing.

“Den mother to the group”. Another moment of laughing. She has a plan in her mind, that one.

Oh…me, too. fans self

I think they overdid the group’s badassness a little, with Glen for example. He can kill zombies and run away and scrounge for supplies, but since when did he become a skilled streetfighter? I don’t recall the group engaged in hand to hand fighting with other live humans all that much. No doubt a few in the group could do what Glen did, but Glen himself?

I see conflict between Rick & Daryl. Daryl has probably hated cops his whole life, and Rick has had to bust lots of Daryls as a sheriff. Rick is going to have to be a cop to Daryl at some point. Deanna would be smart to drive that wedge between the two.

Glen did a prettttyyyy good job of being badass streetfighter when he was tied up in a chair by the Governor and had to get kill a zombie and get out.

I wouldn’t mess with Glen.

Yeah, my Mom is named “Rambo” lol.

I didn’t catch Talking Dead last night.

Did they mention any connection between the Wolfs graffiti in Everybody Hates Chris’ hometown and the the Wolf’s comic book stuff that Carl found in the kid’s hideaway in the house?

Yeah, I wonder if we’re going to meet the people who chopped all the arms & legs off the walkers and piled them in a truck.

And where’s Morgan??

I didn’t either, but they teased an “easter egg you might have missed” and I just assume it was that. Probably means something that the book belonged to the scavenger girl.

I think we’re going to see something like the “some people are wolves” bit that has been popularized by “American Sniper” (I first read about it a few years before in a book called “On Killing”)
“If you have no capacity for violence then you are a healthy productive citizen: a sheep. If you have a capacity for violence and no empathy for your fellow citizens, then you have defined an aggressive sociopath—a wolf. But what if you have a capacity for violence, and a deep love for your fellow citizens? Then you are a sheepdog, a warrior, someone who is walking the hero’s path.”

Alexandria is made up of mostly sheep and obviously the outside raiders are positioned as wolves–but what about the Grimes family? Is Rick still a sheepdog or is he now a wolf?

This was a really good episode. Probably one of the better ones since the first season, at least for me.

It took me a minute to figure out what Carol was doing. When she was talking about how much she missed her husband I was thinking, the hell you do, you hated his ass, then oh, now I get it. I’ll bet she had no problem slipping in to that persona as she probably said the same type of things a hundred times when he was still alive.

I do have to question how stupid are these people though? Douchebag was right, he is a douchebag, and a moron. Really, who the hell ties up a walker? How they’ve gotten 50 miles away from their compound and not gotten killed is beyond me.

Did the woman in charge say she was a congress critter, or were people just saying that?

She said she was a rep from Ohio during Rick’s interview.

Anti-Spoiler follows (more of a spoiler of the comics than the TV show): I think you’re safe here - in the comics, when the group gets to Alexandria, the congress person was a black male without children, Andrea and Dale are still alive, and there is no Daryl.