The Walking Dead; 5.12 "Remember" (open spoilers)

So how’s the gang going to adjust to suburbia? Alanna Masterson, Denise Huth, & Timothy Simons are on Talking Dead.

Just tuned in to watch last week’s repeat. When I first saw Rick, for just a moment, I thought I had tuned to Duck Dynasty.

Oh dear Lord, they’ve spent the entire apocalypse protected behind the walls - this is not going to go well.

Rick is acting totally shell-shocked.

Rule 42…
NEVER give up your weapons!

“From my cold, dead hands!”
Molon Labe!

Holy carp! Rick looks 20 years younger with the shave and the haircut!

Looks like at least Michonne and Daryl got their preferred weapons back

Still don’t trust this place, too clean, too nice…

What an uncomfortable situation; it you’re being too careful, you feel like idiots, and if you’re not being careful enough, you’ll feel like idiots. If you just leave the place and it turns out to be a good, safe place, you’ll feel like idiots.

And Carol still has her knife. I think they only had to turn in their guns.

Rick’s beard is already fighting back. It will not be defeated.

Excellent point, Carl - whatever else is going on with this place, getting weak is a very, very bad idea.

Oh, Carol, you are so awesome - she’s totally trying to get behind the scenes and see what’s really going on. I love her so much.

They found Rick’s hidden gun.

How did that happen? Did someone watch him put it in there? Do they search through every garbage pile outside the walls every time a new group comes in? They had to see him put it in there - therefore they were watching the group as they came in.

Sitting around playing video games and running Junior League meetings is gonna’ drive our crew out of their minds.

That was definitely my favourite interview. I agree; this is not going to end well,* for the Alexandrians*.

The three uber-survivors, Carol, Daryl and Carl aren’t comfortable with this place. As tired as they are right now, they have to listen to the ones who are the closest to their survival instincts.

Frat-boy Aidan gonna die. Or he’s gonna kill someone, or force someone to kill him. It seems pretty obvious he and the ones with his bad attitude are going to be the pivotal point that turns this place sour for the Gang.

Is there an architectural reason the wall bracing is on the outside of the wall? I would think it makes more sense to have it on the inside to brace against walkers pushing at it from the outside.

Where is Father Gabriel? Was he in this episode at all?

Great episode. Nice tension throughout. So, where are all the adult men? I liked their discomfort with getting comfortable.

I would have liked to hear more from Daryl to understand where he was coming from. Also, Abraham is such a strong guy that it was odd he was not involved in any of the discussions.

It didn’t make much sense that they seem to have such little experience with walkers. Do hordes only form around Rick et al.?

The walls around the community were strange. They were way less substantial than they were described, and the supports appeared to be on the outside.

Alexandria is quite literally Heaven. Obviously Gabriel ain’t getting in.