The Walking Dead; 6.09 "No Way Out" (open spoilers)

The show’s back from hiatus tonight; Greg Nicotero, Carrie Underwood and a surprise cast guest are on Talking Dead.

Can’t wait. There isn’t anything really good on TV right now. There’s stuff that is OK, but not like this.

Did they censor out something towards the beginning? One of the girls says “we have one gun,” and it seemed like they cut out her next line. And it looked like they blurred her mouth, too, so I couldn’t read her lips.

It isn’t even done yet and I loved it.

Wow. That episode was packed with action, from beginning to end. I’m still trying to mentally get my head around all that just happened.

I had a couple of spots where some odd audio stuff happened. (I wasn’t watching it live though.)

So, lets see-

Glenn - yet again - survives an impossible scenario.

Carl - gets shot in the one organ he uses the least

Gotta love the dispatch of the biker gang.

Zombies are easy. People are hard.

I found it satisfying.

They kept flogging the confrontation with Negan’s gang in the previews, and I was quite sure we were gonna wander around meeting Negan and his evil minions and get NO resolution about what was going on in Alexandria.

I was pleased to be wrong.

I loved tonight’s episode. I saw Sam getting killed, but was very surprised it was immediately followed by the rest of his family going down.

It could have been worse; Carl could’ve been shot in an organ he hasn’t even gotten a chance to use (well at least not with another person) yet.

Not disappointed. A little eye rollie about the miracle saves, but let’s not forget that it’s a comic book. And they shot Cawrrrrrl!!! Can’t say I’ll miss Sam et al, I just wish they had gotten rid of Morgan. But overall very satisfying.

And I see they have the Geiko Caveman on Talking Dead!

I have a horrible confession to make: (though I did a NOOOOO scream when Carl was shot). When Glenn was against the wall, I did say, outloud “If it’s Glenn or Carl…take Carl!”

I am filled with shame.
But I’d pick Glenn.

That was my gut. My mind is saying Carl, but my heart says Glenn.

Liked the episode, but the montage of everyone swinging axes/swords/machetes/etc. was a bit cheesy. I was worried we were going to have Sam whining through the next 5 episodes, so that was a bright spot.

Earlier this week, having read about there being fatalities in the mid-season premiere, I figured Jessie was going to die because I really like Alexandra Breckenridge, and god forbid they let a character I like live. No way, gotta keep fuckwit Gabriel and CCAAAAAAARRRRRLLLLL!!! alive.

I figured at least she’d get a send-off on Talking Dead, but nope, they brought in the wolf dude instead. And then they showed a goodbye video with the two sons, even. Everyone but her. Did she piss in the Nicotera’s cheerios or something?

Well at least they can recycle the governors eye patch.

I find it kinda neat, that they are coming out with talking saul.


Just started watching. Stopped to come over here and call BULLSHIT on Rick handing over his precious baby girl to Reverend Useless Asshat to protect in a swarm of zombies. Bullshitbullshitbullshit.

Okay. Going back to watch the rest…

They brought this up in Talking Dead. He really had no choice. Gabriel had pretty much a clear shot to the church, Rick and the others were trying to get through the thick of it to the cars.

At least Gabriel finally figured out god wasn’t coming and he had to take care of himself.

What was up with it going from broad daylight to dark when they were out walking? They didn’t even get but 50 feet it seemed like.

I believe this will answer all your questions.

This first thing I said was, “Carl got shot AGAIN?”

They should call him Ballistics Gel Carl.