The Walking Dead; 8.05 "The Big Scary U" (open spoilers)

Steven Ogg, Desus Nice and Lisa Edelstein are on Talking Dead.

Do the “eyes” have their shitting pants on? Or are the peaking out from a mullet?

Arg, Gabriel is creepy as hell.

It is Dwight who spies with his beady eyes

One of my favorite episodes of the entire series.

Yea it is!

Best episode of the season. Loved the tension building in the group; sticking to the plan or adapting? Taking prisoners or killing everyone?

A helicopter?!!

I won’t say I loved it, but it was definitely the best episode this season. I could have done without all the Negan/Gabriel crap, but some of the other stuff was OK. I liked the council meetings when they thought Negan was dead.

It’s The Others. Look for black smoke next week. :wink:

Is this the 2nd or 3rd time we’ve had an appearance of a helicopter? i cannot recall when it has occurred and specifically how far into the zombie apocalypse we were it appeared. Didn’t Rick see one in the premier or episode 2 as he was in Atlanta? That was so early that it wasn’t that far of a stretch to imagine there is still some component of the military still in place. Wasn’t there other instances in later seasons?

It’s about time… If it doesn’t crash. Whenever there’s a working helicopter in this show, it crashes.

There are plenty of non-military helicopters. And plenty of old Hueys (and Black Hawks) for the taking. But it seems the producers killed off all of the pilots immediately, since we rarely see them.

I liked it it. The insight on Negan’s past and how the Sanctuary functions were interesting. I rolled my eyes when Rick and Daryl started fighting and then the show rolled their eyes at it too which made me laugh a little.

“chokehold is illegal asshole” is a call back to season 1 isn’t it?

I need to watch those scenes again. There was something wrong with the sound on my system, and I couldn’t figure out what they were saying to each other. Without that, those scenes were kind of confusing.

Gabriel seems to be up to something. He doesn’t seem to be afraid of Negan. Wary? Yes. Afraid? No. Maybe his offer to hear Negan’s confession is Gabriel’s way of uncovering Negan’s weakness(es) which can later be used against him?

Can we assume Gabe’s symptoms are the result of a walker bite?

It was nice to see that someone (Rick) has found a use for an old AMC YJ Jeep. Why Rick would try to start it after using it as a .50cal bullet sponge is just as confusing as Daryl and Rick getting into a fist fight.

A helicopter? An operational helicopter suggests there is another group out there that’s advanced enough to maintain, and fly, a helicopter. Good guys, or bad guys? Or is this a barn find by Negan’s guys? Or is Rick losing his mind. Again.

I think the helicopter is from the junk-yard peeps. I hope Rick ain’t going psycho again. He may have a head injury, you know he has had 2 fists fights and a car wreck and explosions close to him, just in 1 day, presumably. That boy stays beat up, he needs to learn to protect his self better.

Much of the maintenance concerns time-limited components and routine servicing. While not being run for a couple/few years isn’t a good thing, and you’re risking your life with beyond-TBO/beyond calendar components, it shouldn’t be that difficult to get one flying. I don’t have any experience in turbine-powered helicopters, but I am sure I can fly one if I can get it started.

Negan and Gabe are smearing guts — — and right now let’s not bother with my repeated complaints about the writers totally forgetting this dodge for emergency after emergency, only to trot it out for no better reason than they’re too lazy to do real writing — — so Negan and Gabe are smearing rotting zombie guts, and Negan’s comments suggest that Gabe’s people may be too effete for such exigencies. Gabe wins the episode, maybe the season, by blowing him off with his statement that “We’re from Georgia.”

Rick and Daryl have fought before in season 1. Shane broke it up. IIRC

With a chokehold, which Daryl claimed was illegal.

I couldn’t be that lucky.