The Walking Dead; 8.07 "Time for After" (open spoilers)

Josh McDermitt, Austin Amelio and David Mazouz are on Talking Dead tonight.

This is the episode they were filming when one cast member died.

I guess Eugene is gonna die. I hate that cause he’s funny, useless but funny.

Id guess Michonne, because Rick can’t be allowed to be happy.

Wasn’t it a stunt person?

Yes, I heard stunt person, too.

As an episode, it was fine. The problem is this entire All Out Negan War story arc is getting tedious. Both sides seem to be constantly dipping into endless reserves of redshirts as the story suits it.

It was OK.

Is it ever! And the Garbage Goth mini-arc with Rick is ridiculous. Or did the producers/writers feel they needed to have some “bare chested Rick” to keep in the interest of part of the audience? Can we look forward to “bare chested Daryl” sometime in the near future? How about “bare chested Michonne” for the rest of us?

I agree. Plus the fact they now have seamless amounts of ammunition and petrol for cars is making this story arc unbelievable. I have been shaking my head at this for the past few seasons.

The garbage goths just annoy the fuck out of me. It’s been like five years, speak like a normal fucking person you twats.

Well it’s finally become obvious what THE PLAN is. Everyone does whatever they feel like doing while Rick applies for a modeling job with the Scavengers. :rolleyes:

A lot of you guys probably know this, but the GG Queen’s IRL first name is Pollyanna. Who the hell names their poor kid Pollyanna?

The plan was to let the Saviors starve until they surrendered and handed Negan over. Its the idiotic false drama of the idiots wanting to bust the zombies in that fucked everything.

Yeah, like the whole Negan and Eugene discussion about making bullets? Because from the sound of that automatic weapons fire lully Eugene to sleep, it doesn’t sound like “need more bullets” is a big issue.

Also how was Eugene able to just casually do his model airplane thing from the roof with Rick’s snipers?

So what are we supposed to presume has happened after Daryl breached the Sanctuary with the truck and the walkers came pouring in? The Saviors were able to:
a) Rally their defenses to kill enough walkers to surround the Sanctuary 20 deep as they entered the building.
b) Not run out of ammo or get overrun
c) Still have enough ammo and able-bodied soldiers to break through the picket of snipers surrounding the Sanctuary without suffering massive causalities
d) and presumably mount an effective counter attack against the walled towns of Alexandria and Hilltop next week in the mid-season finale?

I only ask, because it sounds like for the past 3 episodes the Sanctuary was on the verge of collapsing.

The endless supply of ammunition (except when a shortage is required by the plot) and the ready availability of automatic weapons – even ones that aren’t standard issue to the military – has been one of my gripes since Season 1.

I think they want us to believe all this ammo came from the seaside people and the stash they found at the carnival and the pond. I am thinking that the cars and gas would soon start to be a problem. And we haven’t answered the helicopter question. Btw in my opinion Ricks naked torso wasn’t that great. He looked like any redneck dude pulling off his shirt down at the fishing hole. Now if Negan were to pull off his shirt, I would be looking.

They were talking about their escape plan, which obviously involved their ammunition in some way. Negan just wanted to make sure Eugene could restock them afterwards.

I just had a random thought. Have they ever experienced “winter” in this show since moving to the DC metro area? I mean I know it’s not Upstate New York or Vermont, but they should still get snow and near-freezing temperatures on occassion.

I’d read that early on they decided not to set any of their episodes in winter because it would be too hard to have a consistent amount of snow on the ground or in the air from scene to scene.

I live in the south and it is definately shirt sleeve weather today. 62° and a little overcast. In December! We do have some cold weather, usually in Jan. and Feb. It is not something we worry about, until it happens. That is why we get in trouble in cars, if it snows or ices.