The Walking Dead; 8.14 "Still Gotta Mean Something" (open spoilers)

Pollyanna McIntosh, a surprise cast member and Ron Funches are on Talking Dead.

Holy crap, Jadis looks better. That was one clean room she had there in the trash heap.

Who just whacked Rick?

That was pretty dark. Feels like a line has been crossed.

Jadis’s shipping container could’ve been on HGTV.

It’s getting REAL hard to still think of Rick as The Good Guy.

Yea, he kinda went bonkers. And he lied. Oh heck he’s gotta get bad to clean up this mess.
What about Jadis’ helicopter ride?

Agreed. It has to be by design right? The creators have to see that is what’s happening?

After last weeks disappointing episode, I was very pleased with this one. I loved it! I cannot wait for next week. What the heck is with the helicopter? What is Jadis’ relationship with the helicopter? I have a funny feeling that will be this season’s cliffhanger!

It feels like the show has become Post Apocalyptic Breaking Bad where Rick is Walter White with a side helping of Negan’s Redemption.

Too much stupidity to like it. Whatever those cords were that Jadis used to “tie up” Negan, it was obvious from the outset that he could easily wriggle out. And the zombie horde that overtook the Saviors with Rick… they just disappeared at some point, and Rick just waltzes out. Kind of a disappointment after last week’s episode, which I actually liked.

I wonder who it was Negan picked up in the car…someone we’ve seen before? Who?

Has to be the girl that can identify Dwight as the traitor.

I think it’s probably Gregory. Although those are the only two people we haven’t accounted for yet.

Voted Meh.

I honestly don’t know what in the world Morgan is talking about, and I’m tired of hearing him talk about it. The stuff with Negan and Jadis was just so bizarre. So her master plan was to take him all the way back to junkyard to burn his bat? Really? And yes those bindings were so poorly done, plus if his hands were free enough to rifle through her bag and find a bunch of pictures, a gun and a flare…um why wouldn’t they be free enough to untie himself.

The only part that was good was Rick and Morgan making sure every last one of those Saviors was dead. That doesn’t make Rick a bad guy. It is one of the soundest decisions any character has made on this show in a long time. The Saviors don’t have any brainwashed, since birth indoctrination to hide behind. A few years ago every last one of those people was living in a free informed society with a pretty good handle on good and evil. They all made the decision to be SOBs and continue to be SOBs over and over again living through tyranny, taking from other people by using fear, intimidation and murder for years. Rick finally putting them in the ground doesn’t make Rick the bad guy, it highlights why he is the good guy.

Boo hoo, he lied to one of them? Rick, please write on the chalk board 100 time “I will not tell a lying shitbag what he wants to hear when he has me tied up at gun point so I can get free and kill him. Ever again…until the next time I need to.”


Yea, I thought Gregory too. He must know about Dwight too.


I voted ‘hated it’. And I am officially rooting for Negan now. Or maybe the walkers. At least they don’t speak in annoying, angsty riddles and half sentences.

Rick is not a good guy. And they have made it clear that some of Negan’s group are decent enough people. There were the leaders, then there were the people just trying to stay alive. and the guy Rick killed had just finished saving his life. Screw Rick. If we weren’t continually told he was a ‘good man’, he’d be one of the worst villians on the show.

I tend to agree. If the Saviors surrendered as a group or even if these guys said “fuck all this” and were heading out to neutral territory, that would be one thing. Maybe if they agreed to Rick’s offer before a zombie hoard came barging in their door. But we know the Saviors to be devious SOBs. And these guys were on their way to Sanctuary to go back into circulation. So I don’t think we can fault Rick and Morgan for not giving them the benefit of the doubt, just because at the time they found it convenient to have Rick and Morgan as a couple extra hands to fight the walkers.
I am also sick of Morgan’s ramblings and ravings.
I’m fine with Rick not being a “good guy”. They’ve been at war with the Saviors for three seasons. He’s just lost his son. Rick is the “good guy” because this war was 100% started by the Saviors. Maybe 90%. The Alexandrians didn’t just up and decide to murder 30+ people in the Savior outpost for no reason. They had multiple run-ins with Saviors declaring “I am Negan!” and knew what they were all about. Rick’s only miscalculation was not realizing how many of them there were.

Thoughts on the episode:

  • I can see where they’re going with Morgan. He’s going to strike out on his own (and make the crossover to FTWD) because of too much mental anguish. He’s still messed up from losing his son, and seeing kids like Henry get hurt just makes it worse.

  • The Negan escape was poorly done. I get that Jadis tied him up with (what looked like) cheap wire and it was probably because that’s all she had from the junkyard, but why not bind his hands together and then tie him down? So in those few seconds where she left to get the walker tied to the cart, he was able to scoot over to her bag, free his hands, rifle through it and find pictures, a gun and a flare, then take a shot at Jadis? Yeah…that was not good writing at all.

  • I really want to know what the helicopter was about. We’ve seen it in a few different seasons now, but Jadis has some connection to it. She knew it was coming, I’m guessing by the way she was using her watch. Where was it going to take her? How did she arrange a pick up?

  • My guess is Negan picked up Laura, and because of that, Dwight is in deep shit.