The Walking Dead; 6.12 "Not Tomorrow Yet" (open spoilers)

Alanna Masterson (Tara), Ross Marquand (Aaron) and J.B. Smoove are on Talking Dead.

How stupid can Rick be? No, hey maybe we should make sure we got the guy.

The stupidity knows no end. We take a pregnant chick like Maggie along because, well, she wants to, but she is such a liability that we have to leave behind a quality fighter like Carol to guard her and that causes them both to get caught and the whole group is in trouble.

Also, how many men do they have? Don’t know? Well, we don’t care. Might be 10, might be 1,000, we will find out when we go through the front door guns blazing.

I don’t even think that was really the Saviors’ HQ, just an outpost where they have the vassals deliver tribute. Most definitely the stupidest think Rick’s ever done. BTW did anyone else catch this on Buzzfeed? It’s a fun video, but he admits there’s a lot of assumptions re the numbers.

Talking Dead recycling celebrity guests too.

Who was the redhead in the clip from next week? One of the ones who found Carol and Maggie? I thought it was Alicia Witt at first, but can’t find anything on

That was definitely Alicia Witt. I was pleasantly surprised to see her. She was pretty good in villain-ish roles in Justified and The Librarians.

yes Alicia Witt… I recognized her voice! I didn’t watch Talking Dead yet so wondering if it was confirmed… Tara pregnant in real life? First shot of her in the church I said to my husband. Tara gained weight she looks pregnant. Then all the camouflage shots of the dishes while she was washing them and then the water flask…

She’s been looking pretty pregnant for a while now. And yes, she was nine months during this episode she said.

The deal between Hilltop and Rick is basically, “So you you say this guy is making your pay protection? Pay me and I’ll protect you from the guy who you’re paying for protection.” From the Hilltop standpoint they are basically replacing one thug with another. We know better but Hilltop doesn’t.

That aside, this was a good episode. The raid was a good action set piece.

Well that settles it, human skulls in TWD universe are basically ornamental.

How do you kill a real person with a knife to the head so that it goes in like butter, and the person dies instantly? Did they go in thru the eye or something? Even still…

But I was OK with it. Good action scenes. I loved it how the team came in like Navy SEALs to raid the compound. Bringing Maggie was beyond stupid, though.

The scenes of Rick and Glenn offing the sleeping saviors showed them with the knife point above the eye, and both hands on the knife handle for leverage. One hand holding the handle itself, and the other hand’s palm bushing down on the butt of the knife.

A really powerful, quick downward plunge DIRECTLY through the eye seemed to be what they were going for.

I’m not enough of an anatomist to know if that would actually work, but hey, it’s TWD. This fits far inside the range of stuff we gotta believe would work if we are going to watch this show. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, when your basic premise is Zombies, you set a low bar for suspending belief. :slight_smile:

Abe: “I was only with you because I thought you were the last woman on Earth.”

Damn, dude. I’m surprised she didn’t frag him during the raid.

Great episode. Some real human ugliness. Which isn’t to say the raid wasn’t smart or rational, but that doesn’t mean Morgan’s pacifism is totally wrong. If they wanna be more than warring tribes, they’re gonna have to put more stock in preserving human life than in survival.

I’m gonna need to see Sasha naked in bed before I decide whether Abraham made the right decision. Cause it seems like he had a pretty nice thing going with Rosita.

I like what that guy on Talking Dead said Morgan was building-- a cage to put himself in! That was my hope, as well.

I think these savior dudes need to die if only for their lame-ass insults. Of course looking at the group that was killed last night and the size of the crowd that Daryl took out with the RPG one wonders how big a crowd this guy has behind him.

Neegan’s group and Rick’s group both signaled different traits.

Neegan’s group beat to death one of Hilltop’s teenagers. Neegan’s group demanded half at first and more later.

Rick’s group behaved a bit more civilized than that.

Rick’s group also only asked for a one time payment as far as i know, not an ongoing weekly payment of half everything.