The Walking Dead; 6.13 "The Same Boad" (open spoilers)

After tonight there’s only 3 more episodes left until the season finale (& we switch back over to Fear the Walking Dead). Melissa McBride, a surprise cast member, and Paul Feig are on Talking Dead.

Will a stillborn turn into a Walker in utero? And would you still call them Walkers, or Crawlers?

I understand how people would have a crisis of conscious when having to do bad things in the ZA. However, I wish they would have them when sitting on the porch having a smoke instead of right in the middle of a conflict. That makes no sense.

Help me remember who played Molls; She looks awfully familiar, but she’s not listed on IMDB.

In the scenes for next week, Eugene has cut off his mullet!

Paula walking up behind Carol and Maggie, emptying her clip at them and hitting nothing is just extremely annoying. There were so many ways they could have played that out without making her go from capable to completely useless.

Was that the smoking lady? I think she’s in The Leftovers.

How did Rick find Maggie and Carol?

Some of us don’t watch the scenes from next week’s show. This is a very minor spoiler, I admit, but I hope everyone will respect those of us who prefer to go into each new show “cold”.

They followed their tracks. They were on foot and Daryl is a good tracker.

And Carol was hamming it up and no doubt left some even better tracks than ‘normal’.

WD Rule #2 - Don’t fuck with Carol.

So - clearly the ‘we’re all negan’ means something - but do we really think that entire group is dead? I don’t quite see how.

“I am Spartacus”?

We’ve only seen an outpost and a “safe house” related to Negan’s group. There must still be an HQ somewhere.

Best episode of the season, IMO. I do agree the way Paula got taken out was a bit lame, but I liked everything else.

Wow, burning people alive would totally fuck me up, even in a survival situation like that.

Sorry to see Alicia Witt was only here for one episode. I’d really like her to have a regular TV gig.

I think there is a real ‘Negan’ and we haven’t met him yet.

I went back and found the clip of Daryl rpg’ing the bikers in the street on Youtube in order to get an accurate body count. Negan’s casualties now stand at:

7 killed by Daryl’s rpg (plus 7 motorcycles)
21 killed in the outpost raid last episode
9 killed tonight (the 4 that captured Maggie & Carol, the 4 Carol burned alive, plus Rick killed Primo at the end)

37 killed (3 or 4 were women; one of Carol’s crispers may have been a woman)

This doesn’t include the kills that Daryl, Abe and Sasha scored in the first half of the season, while the Wolves were attacking Alexandria, so it’s likely at least 40 by now.

The Walking Dead gets in touch with its feminine self. I didn’t like this one very much. It was, like, how many ways can Paula and group give Maggie and Carol a chance to turn the tables. Let’s leave them alone for awhile with no one guarding them. Oh, Carol has a crucifix… how cute. She could NEVER use that as some sort to escape tool. Let’s take the gags off. Oh, they attacked us while still bound? No worries!!

I understand what the writers were trying to do, and I see that Carol is struggling with what she has become, but it just didn’t play out well.

Watching Talking Dead, did I imagine it, or did the audience get two, count 'en TWO, of the quiz questions wrong? I don’t recall ever seeing the audience getting even one wrong.

(Bolding mine)
Could be worse, she could’ve emptied her magazine instead…
Clip; a thin metal strip that holds loaded cartridges together
Magazine; a spring-loaded box that feeds ammunition into the action

Or a tube under the barrel that feeds ammo with a spring, if we are nit picking. :slight_smile:

I liked this episode quite a bit. I liked how the the Saviors seemed human and complicated people with their own interpersonal dynamics with each other.

I liked that Carol was having a crisis of conscious. Arm chair survivalists can complain but having the weight of all that violence and death has to weigh on people and it seems that Sam dying was the last straw for her. That makes her more like a real person and not a Super hero.

I think you are right. And those questions seemed tougher than usual.