The Walking Dead; 4.04 "Indifference" (open spoilers)

Yeah, obstacles like being stranded away from the prison with a possibly bitten Tyreese. Also somebody is broadcasting on the radio (or set up a recording).

So, it certainly was Carol who killed the two people. And Rick is being stupid again. Am I understanding what happened - Rick has kicked Carol out of the group and sent her on her way alone? Dumb.

Whoa. I didn’t see that coming.

Damn it! :eek: That better not be the last we see of Carol. Rick was right about Tyreese though. I predict this will make things worse with Lizzie.

Meh… More talky soap opera crap…

Then again, now that Carol has been “voted off”, does that mean that Daryl and Michonne are now the next “not really a couple but a couple” couple?

And was Rick speeding away from Carol in an attempt to prevent her from following him, and as far as speeding during the ZA? Has he learned nothing from Lori and Daryl?


Yeah, booting Carol seems a bad idea - but if Rick felt obligated to tell Tyreese that she was the killer, it was probably the right choice. Deciding what to do with her would have split the prison into at least two camps.

Stupidest move of the week - why did Daryl and crew not just go back out the way they came in? Seems a better choice than going into unknown dark rooms.

Why didn’t they take all the batteries and all the meds they could grab?

Rickpocracy - heh. :slight_smile: (Carl has made worse decisions than Carol, but he gets to stick around.) I agree that Tyreese probably would have gone after Carol, but they would have been better off keeping Carol and ditching Tyreese. From what we’re seeing though, it looked like Tyreese is suicidal - maybe it would have been a moot point.

Rick made the decision that should have been made by the council - Daryl is NOT going to be happy, and I don’t know if Herschel will be, either. I predict that Daryl is going to go get Carol back.

Maybe the better poll question this week is, did Carol do anything wrong? Did she do the right thing, just in the wrong way?

Part of me wants to have an accident on his way back to the prison and/or get trapped in some horrible situation that he could easily get out of had he not been alone. And as was pointed out on Talking Dead Carl has done worse, but at least he’s a child. He’s Rick’s child though. And Britta dear they have seen what the end point of this illness is twice over. :rolleyes:

PS; Shane hadn’t turned when Rick killed him, he turned after that and then Carl put him down. Shane was never even bit.

Once again, Carl, Carol, Daryl (and Michonne) are the only ones who get it at this point. Rick doesn’t get it, and it’s looking like he never will. Are the writers of this show still trying to make Rick out to be the good guy, rather than the clueless guy who will keep making the wrong decisions because he refuses to acknowledge the way the world really is now?

Killing Rick off would be a really radical departure from the comics for sure; do the producers have the balls to do it?

Why didn’t they leave the school the same way they came in?

Second stupidest move - why did Rick and Carol not tell the two new recruits to stay together? Carol was right (as she usually is) that they should help gather supplies - but particularly if the girl had a bad leg, there is no way they shouldn’t have told them to search/work together.

Discussing this with my husband, he makes the point that we focus on Rick because this story is the story of what a regular guy does in the Zombie Apocalypse, not what some kind of superhero does. Rick is a traditional tragic hero - he’s fatally flawed in that he simply won’t deal with reality.

I’ve found the best way to survive a zompocalypse situation like in TWD, is to basically do the opposite of what Rick does, as he’s come down with a terminal case of the “Moron Flu”

It’s gonna be so sweet when Rick gets back to the prison and for some reason it turns out the group has to knowingly and willfully kill some not-yet-zombies just like Carol did. Only then will Rick realize how dumb he was.

Get the toilet paper!!!

If we weren’t three years into this show or Rick wasn’t such a main character I would have guessed that Carol would have shot Rick when he turned his back on her.
My next thought was that she would haul ass back to the jail and drive in like nothing happened. If Rick chooses to say something she can defend what she did to the group. It’s not like we haven’t done that before. Regarding Tyreese, there’s plenty of places to keep him locked up to calm down.

Did Carol kill them before they actually died? Is that what the big deal is? And why only them, what about everyone else?

Rick’s decision was stunning but I’m not sure it’s so dumb. I think he ought to have left it for the council to decide, but he has to see the threat from Tyreese as pretty serious, and he is right that it wasn’t her decision to make. He sees her as a threat, and he is acting on that. That’s what people have been calling for him to do, right?

People have been calling on him to step up, yes. But they’re going to be furious if they find out he asked Carol to leave. She’s been practically running the jail. If he as any brains in his head he better say that she was taken by walkers. I wonder if that’s the plan and then someone is going to ask why Rick has her watch.