The Walking Dead; 6.15 "East" (open spoilers)

Happy Easter; just a reminder that the 2nd-to-last episode of the season is airing tonight. Sonequa Martin-Green, Denise Huth and everyone’s favourite guest Yvette Nicole Brown are on Talking Dead.


Buncha dumbasses on this show. Getting sick of the entire plot being driven entirely by stupidity.

Maggie’s in what; her 2nd trimester? :confused: So is it premature labor or a miscarriage? Are we finally going to find out if a dead fetus can reanimate while still in the womb?

Meh. Nothing much happened in this one. The preview for the finale was far more exiting than this whole episode. Daryl’s fine.

I was really hoping Rick was going to shoot Morgan when he told him he caused the Wolves to attack.

Yes, it pissed me off when Rick killed the dying guy without so much as a “who are you” or “where did you come from”

So, Carol left because she doesn’t want to kill anymore, and the first thing she does is… kill a bunch of people. And oh, let’s all go out willy-nilly without any coordination, and then get captured but the same fucking group… again!!!

Big tracker Daryl suddenly can’t track. once again, stupid, stupid, stupid!!

I’ve just let is slide before when the characters did stupid things but tonight was really too much. They’re just going to stand around and have conversations in the same area where they’ve been ambushed before? Nobody’s paying attention? We know something brutal is coming and this just feels like a lazy way to set that up. It’s not going to have the same impact when you feel like they should just kill the dumbasses.

Yeah, I felt the criticism last week was a bit much, but there is no defense at all this week. Inexplicably stupid.

Yup, the stupidity of “Kill / no kill Carol” was overwhelming. But the actual scene was pretty fun! Love “badass Carol” taking down the Saviors!

Savior death on Easter? Hmmmm…

So she took out 4 guys with a rapid-fire high caliber handgun hidden up her sleeve, from distance, without looking down the sight? Yeah, tell me another one.

The way that thing went off, I was sure she must have an assault rifle hidden inside her coat somehow.

Well she actually only got two of them, one managed to dive behind the car, one came after her and another survived and walked off later.

That was enjoyable.

So, we know Rick and Morgan are both “out there”, not captured. I’m thinking we can expect those two, particularly Morgan, to be the rescue party for our hapless friends. Perhaps even Carol, to make it a little sweeter.

This is the first time I’ve ever voted “Hated it!” in a WD poll. Between the pointless vacillating on Carol’s no-more-killing stand, her impossible-to-believe-even-in-a-comic-book-universe ability to accurately shoot a handgun whose sight she could not see, Daryl’s inexplicable incompetence in letting Dwight get the drop on him AGAIN, the group’s utter lack of discipline, Rick’s australopithecine stupidity and Sophocleian hubris, and the riidiculous sight of Michonne bound & gagged (she went through that with the Governor! Degrade someone else!), I was constantly annoyed.

But the very worse bit was Rick’s acceptance of Morgan’s woo-woo explanation of why saving the Wolf ultimately saved Carl. What utter bullshit. Denise would never have needed rescuing from the walkers if the Wolf hadn’t taken her captive in the first place. I can sort-of respect Morgan’s pacifism, but his insistence that all life is of equal value is absurd. It equates the virtue and necessity of self-defense with the evil of murder. It’s offensive.

Rick went back to Alexandria.

This is what I was going to post, that if Morgan had croaked the Wolf, the Wolves would not have attacked Alexandria and the zombies would have been led away from the settlement instead of breaking down the tower that brought down the wall. Thus, Denise wouldn’t have been captures and Carl would still have binocular vision/

I do respect his pacifism. But as Rick told him before their little [del]murder outing[/del] tactical victory/strategic blunder, you don’t have to kill; but you have to accept other people killing.

I must, at long last, mention this: Rick’s dialogue sucks. Or maybe it’s his delivery. He sounds too much like an Earnest Yokel. Maggie’s accent bugs me too. It’s too broad for a main character.

I’m not sure that’s true; it’s not clear to me that the Wolf who intended to take Denise as his doxy was the one who led his fellows to Alexandria. They may have found the town another way. But certainly Denise’s being taken hostage by that particular Wolf was a result of Morgan’s sparing his life.

The wolves found the town because of the brochures/pictures hmm… Aaron? left somewhere. And i thought the main point of Morgan’s speech was that the Wolf DID change and anyone could be redeemed, not that his actions went on to save Carl.

OK, it was the photos Aaron left. But I agree with Skald about Denise. Morgan’s point was that the Wolf did change and anyone can be redeemed. But he went on to mention Carl (his actions saved Carl) to ‘bring it full-circle’ (as he said).

Right, it was a dumb thing to mention but i didn’t feel it was his main point.