The Walking Dead; 6.15 "East" (open spoilers)

I feel they missed an opportunity for a Zombie Jesus joke.

What he convienently forgets is that had he not let the Wolf live, then the attack wouldn’t have happened, Denise would possibly still be alive, etc.

It works both ways - you can’t have ‘i let him live and he saved carl’ when it comes to the wolf members - had he killed the wolfmember, there is, atleast, an equal chance that the wolves never attack.

Complete with a crucifix.

I felt it was so out of character because by this point of the game both Carol and Daryl should know that there compadres are NOT going to say “Oh, that went off by themselves… well, they’re grown, they know what they’re doing. Any canned salmon left?” and that they’re going to come after them and that multiplies everybody’s chances of getting killed. Plus where could Carol possibly go where she won’t have to kill people? That and walkers are the two constants in the new world order.

They used to end most half seasons with a blonde girl and a black guy getting killed. Since they’ve already killed the last blonde (Jessie) I’m worried that Daryl is next up (especially since we have no idea what color his hair would be if he washed it). If they do the annual black guy sacrifice I’m hoping Father Gabriel instead of Morgan; Morgan’s a misguided pacifist but he’s not a coward (and I know Gabriel redeemed himself somewhat, but not enough).

I must say I think Alexandria has given this show new dimensions. It’s something worth fighting for instead of just survival.

Well, we start out showering together, saving water. Then, we all take off along because that always works out so well, and our bad ass daryl takes the motorcycle because that makes the most noise and the walkers are drawn to noise.
Of course, nobody talks to anybody and tells them what the hell’s going on.

I don’t think that shower was about saving water…

Yeah, I know they were playing grab ass.
Carol takes off and half of the rest of them go looking for her. So everything that happens is because of her being born again or whatever the hell is up with her.
Then, of course, they get captured . . .again, by the same bunch of bad guys.
Ya know, 99% of all their troubles could have been avoided if they stuck together or talked to each other.
It still could have been a good show if the writers were better.

Only Rick and Morgan went looking for Carol. The others went after Daryl, who went out to find and kill Dwight (or ‘D’).

Good point! Alexandria is a pretty nice place. I don’t think that it is going to stay that way for long, though…

Why can’t we have nice things? :frowning:

Because of you kids just not being able to follow SIMPLE rules like “Don’t go out alone” and “Don’t be bringing home strays”.

Well, I think we’re supposed to get the impression that yeah, Alexandria is nice enough, but cooperation with other communities is needed, too – Michonne’s “shag-apple” was a nice luxury, that I’m pretty sure they were saying they got from Hilltop. Supposedly Alexandria alone was about to starve, remember. So “bringing home strays” is, to some extent, kind of necessary, but it does introduce significant risk and the need to fight. And I agree, I think (IIRC) what Rick and Michonne were discussing there is that a peaceful life with a nice bed and apples to eat in the morning sunshine is something worth fighting for. Maybe even something worth pre-emptively shanking people in their sleep for…another lesson on how every side in a war thinks they’re the good guys.

I didn’t see that coming - Daryl leaves Alexandria to look for burnface Dwight and not Carol??? I assume Daryl wasn’t aware that Carol had left?

I’m just not buying Carol’s feigned hyperventalating act when she’s confronted by Saviors. Please don’t hurt little ol’ me, you great big scary savior people. I couldn’t harm a fly. POW! ZING! BANG! PING! POWIE! Oops, I guess I lied about being afraid. Again.

Carol sewed a maching pistol into an oversized coat. She may not have “wanted” to use it but she was ready, willing, and able to rock and roll when the situation called for it. Killed three, fatally wounded one, and wounded another.

The Savior’s had informed Carol that they saw prickly vehicles just like hers outside of Alexandria, and that Alexandria was just 12+ kilometers down the road. That’s information that the Alexandria defense force should know ASAP. Add the possibly of her being seriously wounded, why would Carol chose not to return to Alexandria ASAP? Is she hunting Negan? (Or is she just following the script?)

Daryl finally tracks Dwight to the Savior’s campsite. The bound Glenn and Michonne are on public display for any would-be rescurer to see. Along with a nice big campfire. Just because it looks like an obvious trap doesn’t mean it is an obvious trap. :smack:

And then Dwight had to really piss off Daryl by getting blood on Daryl’s face. :cool:

Hate what they are doing with Carol’s character. She leaves Alexandria so she won’t have to kill to protect people only to kill people within a 1/2 days drive of home. She’s clearly still able to kill (although she hates it), but she’s able to leave the people she cares so much about when those same people are about to face a threat? It doesn’t make sense to me.
Moreover, I’ve always loved her character becaus she became a sting, capable survivor and fighter, but she was never superhuman. She could shoot and fight and was damned clever, but the unaimed machine pistol up the sleeve made her into “Buffy all grown up and nearing 50.”

Interesting typo. Give her an invisibility ring, and she’s unbeatable!

Speaking of the machine pistol (I was going to ask this in my last post – also never mind where she got it; automatic weapons pop out of the ground down there)… Where did the brass go A) without jamming the MP; and B) without burning the hell out of Carol’s arm?

Daryl was gone before they got the note, yes.

Aargh! I meant “strong!” And I do know how to spell “because.” That will teach me to post while petting the cat!

When Carol got out of her car, I wanted her to go: “Say, that’s a nice truck…”

I liked that mad max look in her eyes when Carol was driving down the road. Otherwise , it was a boring episode, I had to fast forward through that song that they played at the beginning. Mind you, if was the Doors, the end, I could live with it, but not a country song.