The Walking Dead; 7.13 "Bury Me Here" (open spoilers)

Lennie James, Michael Rooker and Scott Gimple are on Talking Dead. Is anyone else wonder this far into the zombie apocalypse if they still bother to change their clocks for Daylight Savings Time? :wink:

Michael Rooker seems like an odd choice for a guest, since he hasn’t been on the show for a few seasons.

Daryl flashback or nightmare?

As soon as the kid started talking about a girl i knew he was a goner.

That was pretty damned good. Negan is in Carol’s sights now - I guess we know how that’s going to go.

I didn’t disagree with Richard, but people rarely take it well when someone gets someone else killed because they think they’re doing the right thing.

Morgan, Morgan, Morgan. He is NOT having a good apocalypse.

Probably one question but I’ll ask separately: who belongs to the child’s book bag? Why did Richard (right? Richard, newly dead guy?) react so strongly to it? Why did Morgan?

Most freshly dead, especially violently freshly dead, seem to ‘turn’ really swiftly. Lucky thing for all those unarmed and distracted guys standing around sharing deer in the headlights looks that Richard took his own sweet time!

I think that’s Richard’s daughter’s backpack.

Ahh! That would make sense.

That’s why Morgan smashed his head on the pavement.

We saw Andrea stay up all night waiting for her sister to turn so she could kill her.

At the end of the scene they showed Morgan stabbing him in the head to prevent him from turning.

That was a good one! Let’s rock and roll now!!

I saw the head bashing but I didn’t think it was enough to crack the skull.

I do not remember Andrea’s wait but I accept your word.

I did see Morgen do the stabby thing so I knew Richard hadn’t already turned but was still ‘on hold’ and not brained.

Some fresh dead have though turned swiftly. Seems the delay is variable and remains open as a plot device, with the timing chosen to cause maximum inconvenience and/or jeopardy to those nearby. So not predictable by us, anyway.

Yeah, I called that one, as well.

Crazy Morgan is back! Carol is back!! This is getting good…

Me too. Mrs. L.A. and I were talking about who got shot during the commercial. I said it was Benjamin because he learned Morgan’s lesson, they commented on his acting as a ‘father’, and he got a girlfriend. It was after the fact, that I remembered he could have not gone on the delivery – if Carol had let him tag along with her. I’m sure Carol remembers their conversation.

I’m starting to think there won’t be a resolution this season. There’s three episodes left, from the previews the next one is Hilltop based. After that there is probably going to be one about the female colony Tara finally told Rick about. Leaving just one episode for the big fight.

It was like in an old WWII movie, where we meet the men in the unit. There’s Tony from Brooklyn, showing a photo of his fiancee (wolf whistle here). Or John from San Diego all excited, chattering about how his wife Ruthie just wrote to say she is expecting (pats on the back and congratulations here).

Agreed. Given the way things have gone on this show, they’ll surely leave the main assault on the Saviors’ compound as a cliffhanger for next season.

Meanwhile, I don’t normally get that hung up on the details, but I’ve gotta ask: when Zeke’s group first found the open grave, no one recognized Richard’s handwriting on the sign?

I suspect the final episode will end with a standoff with the two armies facing each other and most of the first half of next season being the actual war.

Good episode. I have liked Morgan as a character from the first season. As others said, that kid dying was telegraphed from the beginning when his brother was wanting to be like him.