The Walking Dead: comic to show - OPEN SPOILERS for an upcoming event

Who’s head is Negan going to bash in? Maybe someone, maybe no one.

I don’t see Glenn getting the axe…er… bat. I think it will be Abraham.

Apologies if this has already been discussed.

The crew is coming to straight up murder him, i don’t think there is going to be any “making a point” killings.

Agree. Didn’t they just fundamentally change the engagement between Rick’s group and Negan’s? I think this may be a wholesale departure from the comic book arc. Not to say someone in Rick’s group isn’t going to die, I’d bet that will happen. However, I don’t think it’ll be the “they always kill one to make a point” comic book narrative.

I’m pretty sure Rick and Co. won’t be successful. I thought I read that Negan isn’t actually appearing until the last episode. My guess is Rick and Co. get captured, Abraham gets a bat to the head (several times), and we’re left with a cliffhanger.

Given the focus on Abraham this week, I agree that he will be the one to meet Lucille. I liked how Negan was always one step ahead. Anything Rick (or any victim) would think of to get at him, he had already considered and prepared for. If he doesn’t show until the end, then they would be playing him as the elusive Negan, who whose methods gradually reveal him to be some kind of mastermind. They finally track him down and force him into a confrontation, find themselves outclassed and lose Abraham to the bat as a result.

I hope that isn’t the case, I would prefer that an attempt to engage the Saviors results in their discovery of Alexandria with and a visit by Negan. He is such a strong character it would be a shame to save him as a end-of-season reveal.

There is talk of Daryl meeting Lucille.

I agree it will be Abraham that Negan makes an example of with Lucille. He goes out in the comic around the same timeline.

Negan named a baseball bat after B.B. King’s guitar? :dubious:

I don’t think it’s named after King’s guitar, but it is named Lucille, and the end is wrapped in barbed wire.

I think it will be Maggie. They are not having that baby.

No way, they are following to close to the comics with Maggie’s storyline, especially between her and Gregory.

Early in his career, B.B. King was playing guitar in a shack bar, I believe in Mississippi.
Two patrons began arguing over who could court a waitress, named Lucille.

In the altercation, they kicked over a wood stove, and the building caught on fire. King ran outside with everyone else, but he realized that without a guitar, he would be in a breadline. He ventured back into the burning building to save his guitar, and named it, and every other guitar he would ever acquire, “Lucille.”