The war made the world safer? Like fuck it did.

Whether you agree with the war or not (I didn’t BTW) one thing is certain everyone that was pro war be it Governments or debaters here said it was to make us all safer. Well IMO they have totally fucked the whole thing up.

One of the main themes of this war was that Saddam would through his close links with terrorists provide them with material that they could then go on a use against the west. Well a jolly good fucking job was done stopping that :rolleyes:

Whole fucking buildings have disappeared! Not just some material but whole complexes. These weren’t unknown either. They were documented areas that the UN had already been too. The clowns that organised the invasion were too fucking arrogant to put procedures in place to protect these sites while spouting off about how they were protecting me and you. Now we have a situation were material is out there and moving around the world that had previous to the war been secured.

Add that to the fact that the whole situation has managed to radicalise a whole new section of the middle east against us along with the fact that due to the way the diplomacy was handed that some of the western powers are in major disagreement and even NATO members can’t agree and we are undoubtedly in a more insecure world.

Bush and his admin plus the coalitional members have failed in their main objective IMO. The haven’t made the citizens of their own countries safer they’ve managed to create a world that is more dangerous and one where more material is available to the bastards who want to do us harm.

Great job you gobshites :mad:

Does anyone have a citation for the number of people per year killed by terrorism worldwide in the last, say, 50 years?

After the 9/11 spike, the numbers should have fallen to a few hundred per year again if the war did indeed “make the world safer”.

Frankly, the world might be a safer place after the election — without George Bush. I don’t understand this whole interference “I know what’s better for you than you do” mentality. It causes enough bad feelings and misery when it’s institutionalized with quasi-authority, as in bureaucracies that do central planning. But when it’s done by an hegemonic power half-way around the world that has no shred of historic claim over your sovereignty, it spawns outright armed resistance. The US military occupies more than half the nations on earth. It’s time to bring them home.

I agree. I find it highly annoying, to say the least.

More then half? :dubious:


I would assume that Lib is talking about military bases world wide but since the vast majority of these are not there as part of an occupying force it’s clearly a bullshit statement. Can we move away from that and talk about how Bush, Blair and Co. have managed to make us all more open to attacks from terrorists with WMD.

How can people say that they are voting for Bush coz he’s the one that can give them safety. Wake up a smell the heather people. There may be lots of reasons to vote for the Bush Admin but fighting for your safety is not one of them.

Might as well discuss the former, the latter has been done a bazillion and a half times.

Because they’re fucking stupid and easily manipulated. Anyone that re-elects these clowns ought to be front and center when that D-bomb goes off.

According to the Army’s website, they are conducting operation in 120 countries. That’s about half. Of course, most of them aren’t occupation forces, but whatever.

As for the OP. Quite frankly, the people I’ve talked to that are going to vote for Bush are either delusional, uninformed and looking to stay that way, or sticking with him because he’s “their guy.” The facts don’t matter to these people, what’s important is that “their side” wins.

I must admit that things could be worse. The Dolans could be running the country. :eek:


I have no idea what “Dolans” are, but I disagree that things could be worse.

Not only do you have a group of complete luncatics that passes for president and administration of the USA.
At least (up to now, if you must believe so called “polls”) half of the people who are not too lazy to use their right to vote shows to be completely braindead.
And now I don’t speak even of those who are too lazy to vote.
I don’t think that is such a brilliant situation that it could “be worse” for whatever reason.

Regarding the OP:
What you bring up here is not new at all.
I wonder if yes or no reports about this were published in the US (I think they must have. Probably on the back pages of some newspaper that isn’t as popular as the mainstream and that isn’t read by the mainstream).

Salaam. A

'Tis a joke.

The Dolans are the family that owns a major New York cable network, along with a couple of sports teams in the area and Madison Square Garden (the major NYC arena). In the years they’ve owned the teams, they’ve spent an enormous amount of money, while driving them into the ground.

Poor World Eater is a fan of those hapless franchises. We’ve had several discussions about them on the board.

You just made it more comprehensible for me why Bush might win these elections. I mean: There is something between Bush and sports teams, and Bush and the Media, no?
If in addition you give all the Lunatic Moonies a chance to join the Club you have in no time a completely acceptable US administration.
Salaam. A

I have to be honest with you, Aldebaran, that post didn’t make much sense to me.

I’m assuming that the Lunatic Moonies refers to the Rev. Moon, but the only connection between Bush and sports teams was that he was an owner a decade ago.

That is why I make the connection between what you posted about Dolans and WE refering to them as even worse to be able to run the country.

Maybe the Bush supporters think since Bush once was trying to have a sports team going, he is a good choice to make for running the USA, preferable above 'the Dolans"
(No WE, not pointing at you… Just making a stretch in my vivid imagination).
Next take the Moon involvement in Media and you need only a few of his lunatics in the administration to make things running even more smoothly in the press for Bush, then it does now.

(This board needs a few smiles, especially made for me)

Salaam. A

Well to be honest, I’m not sure where you’re going with this. To recap the Dolans own the NY Knicks (basketball) and the NY Rangers (hockey), along with Madison Square Garden (the premier venue in NYC) and Cablevision (huge cable company with horrible service IMO)

They’ve mismanaged these teams into the ground. A chimp pushing random buttons could run things better. These guys are so bad they make Bush (whom I think is the king of morons) look like, um, something better then them.

T’was a simple joke, best forgotten by all.

Basically it was a dopey sidejoke to Neurotik,


Actually, believe it or not, Bush’s handling of the Texas Rangers (the baseball team he owned) was used to support his competency for president during the 2000 elections - although, it wasn’t a major component or anything.

As for Moon’s media holdings, they really don’t have much circulation. The Washington Times is somewhat respectable, but its circulation in DC is pretty much a small fraction of the Post’s. And UPI has been in the crapper for a while.

Oh God, NO… (banging head on desk in desesperation) Don’t make it eve more unbelievable then the whole US election circus already is to me (and quite a few other “outsiders”)

The more the time pressure for them to get into the US administration. Nothing is better to gain a guaranteed privilege status for your firms.
Now that I think of it: This could be the only reason ever for me to think about regretting for not being born in the US. Time to go looking for some falsified birth certificat.Aldebaran For President…

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To the OP :

Sorry for ongoing hijack. I promess to stop and stay on topic.

Salaam. A

Sorry for the stress I’m causing.

I’ll lie to you from now on: This election is being completely decided by a well-informed electorate, well-versed in the nuances of economics, law and international relations. So far, all of the analyses of the debates have focused solely on the facts presented by each side, and have never at any point spent significant time discussing the “styles” of each candidate and how that will affect their viability as a candidate.


Anyhoo, the world is nearly safer. Every kid who lost a parent in Iraq is going to hate us their entire life. A great start to a safer America. :rolleyes: