The Warriors question- Who is Luther calling?

So finally saw the 70s classic “The Warriors”.

I was a little disappointed that they established all these cool and freaked out gangs and the only interesting one they actually fight are the Baseball Furies. The Orphans the stripped shirt Punks aren’t really all that cool.

That’s neither here nor there- At two different points in the movie Luther, the guy who actually shot Cyrus, calls someone to give them an update on the situation. We never get any clue who this is.
Any ideas? Any supplmental material that explains it? I’ve watched the special features on the disk but it’s not mentioned.

I believe he is calling the radiostation, where the female DJ keeps all the gangs up-to-date as to where the Warriors are.

He’s calling the Warriors…to come out and plaaaaay! :smiley:
My favorite gang was the racially mixed Skinheads driving the bus.

That can’t be it because he talks openly about the fact that he killed Cyrus and the Warriors didn’t.
I thought he might be in cahoots with Massi, Cyrus’ number 2 but that didn’t play out.

I think he just randomly dialed someone. Why?

No reason. He just likes doing stuff like that

Actually i just assumed it was another member of the gang that was holding down the fort.

I had always assumed he was a Narc for the cops, who had been payed to keep the gangs fighting each other instead of uniting against the cops, but never gave it much thought. Although I havn’t seen the movie in a while.