The watch the birdie MMP

On Sunday, we piled up the cars & headed out to Hawk Mountain to watch the birdies & the tree colors in the valley (mostly golden). This week, there are far more eagles than hawks; but the animal with the highest count, by far was that doesn’t fly (natively), though a significant portion of this animal was wearing binoculars & or cameras around their neck & looking skyward. :wink: Here’s one of the eagles that flew by.
This week’s pre-hijack topic is what was your last wild animal encounter?


Peregrine flew right through the yard, pursued by some irate songbirds. I don’t often see them here, so it took me off guard. Most interesting thing before that was a golden eagle in the hills near my house, maybe a month ago.

There are condors here, but I haven’t seen them. I think I’ll have to drive down the coast to a place where they’re supposed to hang out.

Happy Monday everyone!

You mean the squirrels and bunnies that live by the pool?
Up, caffeinated, off to work. fighting a cold or something.

A sparrowhawk flew past me yesterday, when I was at the allotment. Wish we had eagles… There’s only one solitary golden eagle that lives in England. There are more in Scotland, but just him living this side of the border. He’d probably like a pen pal, if one of your local ones would like to write.

Today I will be mostly doing allotment stuff- I’m picking up yet another load of tiles, then that should be enough to at a least get the first few beds done.

In other news, the cat has finally noticed the fish- after using the tank as a heated bed for the last year, he’s now spending hours staring at the kitteh tv, and keeps trying to open the lid…

Good Mornin’ Y’all! Up and caffienatin’. YAWN 'Tis 57 Amurrkin out with a predicted high of 88! for the day. We’ll have lows in the 40s and highs in the 70s by the weekend. Weather 'round these parts be weird!

Spidey cool pic! I see tree rats in abundance but that does not really count, does it? :smiley: However, deer should be out and about on the road I travel to irk soon. I do see the occasional hawk or eagle. Oh and sometimes I see gators at a friend’s cabin on the river. They crawl up on the bank of the river to sun.

Ok, that’s all I got. Now I need more caffiene and rumbly tummy wants sustenance. Then, alas and alack, 'tis Moanday so irk purtification must commence.

Happy Moanday Y’all!


For those of you inclined to play the Death Pool, I wanna brag that this weekend I lost my virginity to Mrs. Kotter. :smiley:

Welp, another weekend gone too quickly.

I’m jealous, all my picks are alive and well.

Yeah, shut up. My list has suddenly become the Kiss of Life. Mark Trail is about to go to your old stomping grounds, by the way.

Hi everybody! I’ve gotten my computer fixed from the major crashing problem and I’m able to rejoin the MMP! I also got voted out of LJ Idol last week by one vote, so I have time to work on my Continuing Epic without having to limit myself to a topic. :smiley: Also I think I have a stress fracture in my left foot so I can’t go hiking up any mountains for a while. :frowning:

That’s all the news that’s fit to print from the High Country.

Kewl. The Dismal Swamp via Betsytown! Can’t get any closer to a place I called home than that.

Do feral cats count? There’s a colony near my apartment complex.

Do they make a vacuum attachment for sinuses? Having one side utterly stopped up is NOT fun.

Monday. Bleah.

“Another day breaks and the last one’s gone
You dig deep just to carry on” - Sam Roberts

I guess I’m feeling a bit better today. Much to do today.

Lots to ramble about. Surgery tomorrow and I’d be a liar if I said I wasn’t nervous. So please send gentle hugs, good thoughts, white light and/or prayers my way.

In September I ordered over $3,000 worth of appliances to be delivered in Nosevember. I called Friday to check if we were still on schedule only to find the store is out of business (Grant’s Appliances in the Chicago area). Of course I had charged and paid for the appliances. Called Capital One, opened a dispute, and to my happy surprise, Cap One issued the credit that very day. Excellent customer service.

Happy Moonday!

I had typed out a nice post and POOF! it was gone and BestTV was asking permission to make changes to my computer.

I have a feeling my mother is going to ask me to stay longer and I don’t want to.
The HFH need to get the rest of their stuff out of here so my mother can have her old bedroom back. My mother was sleeping in the basement, she has a nice suite down there, but she is not comfortable sleeping in the basement when nobody else is here.
She can’t sleep in my old bed, the mattress is horrible. She could sleep in Sah-sons bed though. However, she wants all their crap out so she can put her room back together.
They already asked her if she wants them to come back since she is alone and her answer was NO!
I don’t think she wants us back but I think she wants us to stay until her room is finished.
I want to go home though.

So my last wild animal encounter? A few weeks back a rabbit scared the crap out of me when I almost stepped on it in the dark. Sometimes they flatten themselves instead of running and I didn’t see it until it jumped out in front of me.

Time to get moving though. I should have been up hours ago.

{{{ WetOne }}}

After moving to the city my encounters with wild animals are few, and far between. Mrs. Plant (v.3.0) finding Rocky the Flying Squirrel on the front porch would be qualify.

Last wild animal encounter(s):

Almost ran over a skunk on the way to work before the ICU week;

The house behind us is vacant, so the grass is long and the bunnies have taken over. I almost always scare one up when I mow the yahd.

No bears, deer, or vermicious knid encounters to report.

Happy Moanday all. Welcome back, Spaz and good thoughts and prayers sent your way, Peedin.

Do grasshoppers count as a wild animal?! If so, I had an unpleasant encounter with one who flew into my face! There have been huge numbers of grasshoppers here in ABQ, especially in certain areas, to the point where they were covering up the sidewalks. Seriously! You definitely do NOT want one to fly into your face. Other than that, I’ve learned to NOT feed squirrels. They come to expect the food, which is not good for a wild animal to do. Fortunately it’s into fall now, so the grasshoppers are not as plentiful as before.

Rosie’s .sig to any and all in need! Have a good day all. :slight_smile:

(((((peedin)))) Also good thoughts. I hadn’t considered white light, but that sounds cool, so sure.

I’m taking 10 to 12 off for the next week, to reduce my accrued annual leave time. I’ll check for wildlife when I get home.

No recent encounters with wild animals, save for the sprog.

First day at the new job and things are going well, I think. I don’t have computer access yet, so that’s a bit depressing. More on this later.

Miss Bethany gave us quite the scare last night. We’re getting a new furnace and the first old insulation from the ducts has to come off. So the landlord has been doing that and it’s creating a lot of noise. Target just stayed close and rode it out. Bethany, on the other hand, took off for parts unknown, only to emerge from Ceiling Cat knows where later. Much later. So I taped a note to the basement door so the landlord knows to close the door behind himself.

It’s still Monday morning somewhere, so I’m not late!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve been seeing lots of dead deer on the sides of the roads around here - it’s that time of year again! I’m so glad I’m not commuting in the dark - that’s when I had my two auto-deer encounters. Not fun.

We went to the gym early today so we could get **FCD **to the dentist by 9. I sat there waiting, thinking they were just going to put a crown on. Nope - root canal and temporary. He gets the permanent crown next month. I took advantage of the stop to get myself added to their patient roll and I filled out all my paperwork. I’ve got an appointment for April 13, and I filled in the request to have my records transferred. Now I just need to cancel the appt I have at my old dentist.

**FCD **is putting the license tag on the trailer - we’re going to Baltimore tomorrow to get my sister’s scooter. It’s getting a new paint job. We’re also going to run up to my mom’s top get some liriope - she’s got a big clump she wants to be rid of and I need some. I put the proper stickers on the truck and trailer tags and last week, I put the most recent insurance card in the truck - being paperless, I forget when they expire. Anyway, we’re all legal now. Yay!

I’ve got a load of knitting and crocheting in the washer to be delivered to Mom tomorrow, and she’s got some yarn for me. I think I’ll make a pile of hats over the next few weeks - I’m sure the food pantry will be getting requests for warm headwear any time now.

Other than that, it’s a loverly, sunny day, the windows are open, and I might do something constructive. Maybe. Or I’ll read. Who cares - I’m retired!! :smiley:

Happy Moanday!!

Spent most of the day down the allotment again- but left earlier than planned due to an irritating wildlife encounter. For some reason, my neighbour’s bees just decided they had it in for me today- normally they just buzz happily round the flowers, but today they were determined to get me. I had one just flying aggressively in my face for a good ten minutes, until I lost patience and squished it. Then, within a few minutes: bzzzZZZzzzzZZ[size=6]ZZ[/size]Zzz along comes another, darting right at my face to avenge its fallen sister. Just would. Not. Leave.

I eventually had to drink me tea in the car.

While in the car, I got a call from an eejit, calling about a job application I’d sent (with some trepidation, having heard the company was rubbish to work for). Could I could to a group interview on Friday? Yes. Could I bring either my passport or birth certificate? Well, my parents have my birth certificate, as no-one’s asked to look at it in years, but I have a recently expired passport? No. Not acceptable, it has to be an in date one, to ‘prove residency’. At this point, I start getting a little facetious.

OK, so that’s their policy, but… Having an in date passport (or a birth certificate) in no way proves residency. I was a legal resident of Australia for a year on my passport, albeit on a temporary visa. In fact, seeing as I hold a UK passport, it’d actually be much easier for me to be legally an overseas resident if my passport was in date, yes?

Besides which, why would they care where I was legally resident, so long as I was able to shop up, and had the right to UK residency, which I clearly do- my passport declares me to be a citizen, and, you know, I live here. I’ve clearly not emigrated and gone to some considerable effort to lose my citizenship. In fact, if you recognise that it is possible to lose ones citizenship, then surely my birth certificate is even less informative. It may indeed be the case that I changed status in the last 31 years, but it’s a lot less likely that I’ve changed it since July.

Maybe I over think these things, but a company declaring they cannot employ me for such a silly reason irritates me somewhat.