The way things are looking why isn't the GOP scrambling to approve SCOTUS nominee Merrick Garland?

Trump is apparently dedicated becoming a literal human garbage fire which does not bode well for his POTUS chances. Hillary as POTUS is not likely to nominate someone MORE conservative than Garland who is generally corporation friendly.

So what’s the long game here? It just seems like they are just setting themselves up for a SCOTUS beatdown especially if Ginsberg and Breyer retire.

It seems to me because SC appointments are still a good way to make sure the base votes for Republican senators. They can still block anyone forever if they keep the senate.

Because they are not very smart. Even if this strategy “worked”, it’s terrible because of the precedent it sets.

Because no individual senator actually cares what happens with Garland, only what their reelection looks like. If Senator X continues to obstruct, he gets points with his constituents, even if the approach backfires spectacularly when a more liberal justice ends up with the seat. If Senator X relents, his constituents vote him out for being a RINO, even if the approach ends up with a more moderate justice in the seat.

For them to move on Garland is for them to admit that Trump is toast and that Hillary’s replacement has a chance to be far worse… while still passing.

Therefore, if you see the GOP start to take action to have hearings, it’s a strong indicator that they’re giving up on Trump and a slight indicator that they may be worried about their ability to impede a more liberal nominee.

It was mentioned in another thread but I thought it would be appropriate to bump this one.

So a rumour, denied by his wife on facebook, is now being floated that Clarence Thomas is thinking of stepping down after the election. Seems a tad unbelievable that he would let that slip out right now but if enough Republican Senators do believe it, will that be the prodding they need to confirm Garland?

No point in doing so until after HRC wins. Just in case. I’m pretty confident Obama is not going to withdraw the nomination after the election.

I guess that depends on whether the Senators are just as confidently predicting Obama won’t withdraw it.

Well, he says he’s not, and he knows they say he won’t, and they know they’re not, and they know he says they say he knows they’re not, and . . .

Anyway, after the election is, in my opinion, entirely the appropriate time to defer to the next president. We’ll just have to wait and see.

There are some rumblings now that Clarence Thomas is planning on retiring after the election. If that’s true, I can’t see the GOP standing firm on Garland and risk two picks going to HRC with no possible excuses about the will of the people.

Yeah, I saw that too. It would be a hell of thing if the justices went

Reagan 1
Bush I 0
Clinton 2
Bush II 2
Obama 3
Clinton II 1

That’d make it 6-3 even without Kennedy resigning. If he did it would make Roberts and Alito essentially irrelevant on the court for 20 years or more unless they become very persuasive.

I agree. But you could rephrase it this way:

Because no individual senator actually cares what happens with Garland,* the welfare of the nation, or even what’s best for his party*, only what their reelection looks like.

100% this. Pres. Obama has every right to have his nominee voted on.

It’ll probably be Clinton at least 2, I doubt that Ruth Bader Gingsburg is going to hold out until age 87, if there is a Dem in the white house.

That’d still leave it 7-2, however. RBG is already a Clinton appointee.

That’s “The Notorious RBG” to you, sonny!

Yea, they dug in so hard against moving an Obama nomination forward, that at this point abandoning the position would be seen as basically admitting they either think Trump is doomed or likely to pick someone worse, from their perspective, than Merrick.

Since the GOP isn’t ready (yet) to admit that Trump is doomed, they’re stuck with their former strategy.

Trump is a a metaphorical human garbage fire, which is a sure winner in Presidential election except against a literal literal human garbage fire. And he will be a weak President they can push around. He’s already promised to nominate super-ideological justices; one was pro-Lochner! They’re in the catbird seat, unless Hillary is indicted (almost a sure win for the Democrats) or sets herself on fire (can’t lose).

GOP still has down ticket races. Their base lives in a reality where Trump is winning. Best not to be the one to pop that bubble. If they vote on an Obama nominee they put themselves at risk.

I concur with the OP. The Pakled Repubs should git while the gittin’s good. When she wins Hill’s likely to yank Garland and, who knows, nominate Satan himself, or worse, Obama. After all he is a “constitutional law professor”, and Nobel laureate to boot! And with Tronald Dump’s potential down ballot blowback, it’s even money the Bench could be Baracked.

Wouldn’t that be a fine howdoyoudo!