the wench is dead


My wife and I have long been quoting a line without even truly knowing its origin. Yes, we may be dense and poorly-read. Get over it.

From whence originates (paraphrased, I’m sure):
“it was long ago in another land, and besides, the wench is dead.”


There’s always a bigger fish.

Thou hast committed fornication–

But that was in another country
And besides, the wench is dead.

Christopher Marlowe. The Jew of Malta


George Lucas’ first draft for the opening of Star Wars: Episode IV

The Unadulterated Oz:

“Ding dong, the wench is dead. The wench old wench, the wicked wench.”

THANK you Jazzmine! You are my hero!

And ummm . . . thanks Chief and GuanoLad. You’re my . . . ummm . . . sorta-heroes.


There’s always a bigger fish.

Christopher Marlow = William Shakespear

not wanting to start a thread about this…

or actually its the other way aroung (maybe in both cases??)

Citations, B_12? Evidence? Anything to add to the debate that hasn’t already arisen over the past 200 years?


There’s always a bigger fish.

It’s from Kit Marley’s “Jew of Malta”, all right, but it’s

? is trying to arrest Barrabas, as I recall – something along those lines, anyway – and Barrabas interrupts him with a smart-ass remark.

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