Immediate Pre-Death Quips in Movies

Sometimes they’re cute, I suppose, but mostly they annoy me. I mean, fer Chrissake, someone realizes they’re going to die, never to live and breathe and see Britney Spears or Paris Hilton or George Clooney nekkid ever again, but has the presence (and superb razor-sharp comedic timing) to utter a pathetic/funny line.

Was watching the “Avengers” movie the other day (God, I hate that fucking travesty, that blight on what was an enjoyable TV show, and still can’t believe even Patrick “Give Me Money and I’ll Debase Myself in AnyDamnThing” Macnee agreed to cameo), and there’s Eddie Izzard swinging hundreds of feet on a rope, moving at something like 723 miles per second, and smacking HARD! into a concrete silo (or something like that), and instead of being bloodied and bursting open and just falling as the shock of the impact fried every nerve in his body, he hangs there for a second or two, all but looks directly at the camera, and in a pathetic little funny voice says, “Oh, fuck,” then falls to his death. Frigging hilarious!

But sometimes I do chuckle, don’t ask me why.

What are other good examples of the “Oh, fuck” death quip in movies?

Sir Rhosis

Jason X, after Jason stabs Sgt Bronski though a wall.

‘It’ll take more than a poke in the ribs to put down this old dog.’ Jason stabs him again ‘Yep…I think that’ll do it.’

“Clever girl.”

^^^I’ll kick myself, I should know it, but… what is that from?

Jurassic Park–when the Australian ranger guy realized that one of the raptors has doubled back while the rest were leading him on.

This doesn’t exactly fit your OP, but it’s one of my favorite movie lines. It’s in the movie Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Paul Reubens (Pee-Wee Herman) plays one of the more powerful vampires. In a fight with the heroes, his arm gets chopped off (or is it torn off? I forget). He looks down at his shoulder where his arm used to be attached, then looks at the heroes and says, “You ruined my jacket!” Then to his henchvampires he says, “Kill 'em a lot.”

Of course later in the movie he has that famous, hammed-to-the-limit death scene.

“Tis not so wide as a church door nor deep as a well but…twill do, twill do…”

I had no idea the Jason series had gone Shakespearian.

“Look for me tommorrow and you will find me a grave man…”

Time… to die.

“Daddy.”… thump.

It would have had me giggling like an idiot, if I hadn’t been in tremendous pain caused by having ripped out my eyeballs halfway through the film to prevent myself seeing any more.

May Contain Spoilers

The Last Starfighter
The badguy’s ship is about to crash into a moon
Pretender To The Throne:What do we do?
Alien General: We die.

Hideous Mutant Freaks
Toad has accidentally swallowed a lit stick of dynamite

“Message for you, sir…”

Geez, people, is it so hard to name the movie when you give the quote? Please forgive us who are not so hip as to have memorized the dialogue of all of you your favorite movies… :rolleyes:

^^^Thanks. I didn’t want to sound dumb more than once, but I have hardly recognized any, and it’s my own thread.

Sir Rhosis

Monty Python and the quest for the holy grail If I’m not mistaken.

Well, I think Ross’ quote is from one of the Godfather movies (Sophia Coppola’s line) and bughunter’s sounds like it’s from Monty Pythin and the Holy Grail … but didn’t the character who said that get better?

And “time … to die” is very familiar but I can’t quite place it.

Blade Runner.

“My brother … my captain … my king.”

-Boromir in The Fellowship of the Ring

“To be…or not…to be.”

Isn’t there also a line from “Return Of The Jedi” that is spoken by the Emperor?
“And now young Jedi … time to die”.

And another Shakespearean quote - this time from “King Lear” spoken by Oswald,
“Oh untimely death”

This was the Elizabethan version of “hamming it up” for a death scene. From what I understand, Oswald is inflated with his imagined self-importance and is pretty much ‘writing’ his eulogy.

“How could he do such great stunts with such tiny feet?”

  • Hedley Lamarr, Blazing Saddles
    What about the last thing a poor schmuck hears before he dies? There must be a few good ones. The first one to pop into my mind, unfortunately, is one from the Govenator- “you’re luggage.”