The White House gets a swingset!

Yeah yeah yeah, it’s mundane and pointless, that’s why I’m posting it here. Please don’t be churlish.

I love that there are kids in the White House again.

Story (with pictures)

This thread has bigger pictures (scroll down) including a picture of the “Malia & Sasha’s Castle” plaque.

That company (which, as a plus, is green) is going to be doing some booming business for quite some time. The Obama’s are a one family Stimulus package themselves!

This made me smile. Thanks for the great story.

i am so very jealous. i’ve always wanted my own swing set. the teeny tiny inner city yard i have is way to small for one. if i ever move and get more of a yard i’m def. getting a swing set.

lucky girls! even better than a pony!

They’d probably get a pony for the White House grounds.

Having a happy, fun family in the White House is such a refreshing, uplifting change. A swingset, a puppy… it’s hard to feel glum about the sucky economy when you remember swings and puppies.

A happy, fun, loving family! It’s so obvious that not only do Barack and Michelle like, respect and love each other, but they love their kids and are passing along great values and being great role models. Coming from a dysfunctional family myself (none of us were or are close), I’m full of envy and can’t get enough of this wonderful and delightful First Family.

I love swingsets! I hope they can have all their friends over to play on it! most of the happiest hours of my life, and my kids’ lives, also, were spent on swingsets and jungle gyms.

Possibly the best thing for the Obama family is that, even though Barack works a lot, he usually works from home. When he was a Illinois State Senator and a US Senator, he was in other cities a large percentage of the time, traveling for the entirety of Sasha and Malia’s lives. Politics is a hard career on a family, and Governors and Presidents have a tremendous advantage over Representatives and Senators because the job (usually) comes with housing.

I hope the Obamas continue being able to make the Jewel of the Federal Prison System* a home.

  • credited to various Presidents, but Harry Truman was probably the first.

Oh sure… Obama… uh… Jragon realizes he’s lost his wit by this late at night

<Insert witty irresponsible spending/stimulus bill comment here>

I heard they like fisting too. Very open minded people.

Poor kids can’t have Monkey Bars. Some asspipe would claim it was racist!

John Stewart said it was recycled material from tearing down Cheneys guard tower.

I know this was a joke referencing the playful fist bump (pound) that Fox so memorably and stupidly called a “terrorist fist jab” but the alternate meaning it conjures is really, REALLY inappropriate in a thread about a children’s swingset. Shame on you.

Wait, I thought some talking head on a Fox station actually referred to the fist-bump as “fisting” during a post-election news report?

I love that swingset. My elementary school had a wooden playset; even though it didn’t have swings, it was awesome – it had a little bridge, all kinds of bars, and a deck with a big slide.


Someone out there called the fist bump thing fisting.

Made the youtube rounds and I laughed pretty hard.

Maybe someone did post election. I didn’t hear that. A “terrorist fist jab” is what it was called when it happened. By Fox anyway.

They really are very well made and many of the attachments are interchangable so if you get tired or outgrow one thing you can replace it with another. We’ve had one, albeit only 3/4 that size, for about 4 years now and with one refresh application of stain it still looks and, for all intents and purposes, is new. While they were already a popular brand, yeah, sales are probably gonna skyrocket.

I think we’ll have a lot of darling shots of the girls and their friends here in the years to come.

I got the fisting reference - and the youtube video is quite funny - but have to agree it kinda brought down the cheery feeing in this thread.

Yeah, I did too. I laughed out loud in this thread, too. Jokes about fisting might be inappropriate in a thread about swingsets if it was just KIDS reading it.

ETA: Here’s the video about how they like fisting.