The White House gets a swingset!

Now I have a hilarious mental image of President Obama running across the White House lawn with glee towards his new swingset. :wink:

I hadn’t picked up on this, but I’m glad someone else did. I like that image even better than the first! :smiley: Now that’s what I’ll find myself picturing too.

lieu, how much did it cost? Their website is silent on the money thang.

It’s been awhile so there’s both my hazy memory and product inflation to deal with. I’m thinkin’ ours was around 2K US back then so my very uneducated guess would be that the set pictured in the article would have to run around $3500 to 4000.

ETA: I have no idea if items like this vary a lot depending on what part of the country you’re in. Our COL down here is pretty low. Relative prices could be a good deal more up DC way.

What is this “fisting” thing that y’all are talking about?

p.s. Ceej–check yer PMs, yo.

This article shows it a little more clearly and lists some of the extras. That thing is bigger than I realized. The girls are gonna have a blast.

I priced a bunch of Rainbow playsets(they have an outlet near my house) last summer. They had a couple dozen sets in various configurations around the sales office. The kids went nuts, I think they must have played on every single one of them in the hour and a half or so we were there. They started at about $1700 and went up dramatically. The one pictured in the article is pretty much the biggest non-custom model and seems to have all the add-ons. IIRC it would have run about $6800, including installation. That’s in the Dallas area, which may well be less expensive than DC. The separate picnic table would have been about $350.

We didn’t have enough room in the yard for one that size, and the smaller Rainbow sets didn’t look like nearly as much fun(much smaller platforms and no climbing walls, which was a requisite from my 8 year old), so we ended up with one from Home Depot. I’m kind of regretting it, because it isn’t nearly as well made. Kind of the difference between real wood furniture and Ikea type stuff. The kids love it though, and I don’t expect to still be living in the same house with the same playset when the grandkids come over, so it’s good enough for now. It’s certainly nicer than anything I had when I was growing up. We upgraded it with wood roofs and an extra disc swing. The kids fell in love with disc swings when we were at the Rainbow shop and they were really a lot of fun, so we bought one we could swap out with the swing on the far end of the swing beam. I’ll probably go by Rainbow and buy one of their disc swings because it was much nicer than the disc swing Home Depot carried. The disc swing, a heavy plastic disc and about twelve feet of 1" nylon rope, is about $80 IIRC.


Very clever to purchase this set from a supplier in a very deep red state. Too bad we don’t have a system like the British.

Indeed. Even the most hard-core Republican has to have a bit of pride that a company in their state has gotten so much fantastic publicity.

I was clueless about what you were talking about. What do water taps have to do with swingsets? Then I realized that the logo at the top left says

“By Appointment to
H.M. Queen.
Manufacturers of
Kitchen & Bathroom
Taps and Mixers.
Barber Wilsons & Co Ltd”

which I guess means that she approves and a certain level of quality must be maintained.

That’s kind of adorable, and honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if we see pictures of him playing out there with the kids. He just seems like such a great dad.

It’s refreshing to hear that kids from such a privileged class would be overjoyed with some of the simpler pleasures of life, like a common (albeit, very nice) swingset. They must be very grateful, well raised kids.

That reminded me of something and it took me awhile to find it.

Your mental image might be helped with one or more of the photos in this montage of Obama running.

I’m waiting impatiently for a picture of the kids on the swingset to show up, and after that Michelle swinging. I don’t imagine there’d be pictures of President Obama on the swingset, but at least there are several pictures here of him in front of the swingset (scroll down).

Yeah, I always thought Michelle seemed like a swinger.

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