The White Stripes' New Album-Opinions?

I’ve really been enjoying the new album realeased by the White Stripes, “Get Behind Me Satan”.

I’ve never listen to the band before. Is this album very much like the rest of them? Rolling Stone Magazine raved about it.

Anyone else have an opinion?

It’s actually much different than any of the Stripes’ other albums. As the RS review notes, this album is full of piano, while its predecessors were mostly guitar-based. If you don’t like “Red Rain” or “Instinct Blues” then you should probably stay away from the other albums. If you do, then by all means go nuts.

I’d recommend that you just work backwards from here and try out “Elephant.” It’s not my favorite of theirs, but it represents pretty well what the rest of their albums are like. Plus, you’ll get to hear “Ball and Biscuit,” on which Jack White will melt your brain with his guitar.

I am enjoying the new album. I agree that it is different.
Favorite album is probably still De Stijl.
I do love Ball and Biscuit. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the replies. I’ll almost certainly be picking up Elephant .
Funny you should mention Jack’s guitar prowess. Is he really that good?

I even found one review that made the following statement about him:

…almost unarguably the best guitar player of his generation
Warranted praise??? Obviously I can tell by listening to this album.

Sorry I meant to say that I can’t tell by listening to the album. Just not enough guitar there.

I love the single Blue Orchid but haven’t heard more yet. I want to.

Love Elephant - I Want to be the Boy to Warm your Mother’s Heart has the most beautiful-sounding slide work - incredibly simple, but the tone!!!

As for him being a great guitarist - I agree with that. There are a few threads about that on this board alone, so it is worth a search. Bottom line - he is no shredder, but incredibly tasteful and brilliant in his ability to “lock into” a groove while also playing fills and other parts. He can really use his hands and guitar to sell a whole song - and that, my friends, is a real talent.

I haven’t heard the new one, but I like Elephant a lot. I think it’s better than White Blood Cells because it’s more consistent.

I just saw Citizen Kane for the first time the other night, and now I appreciate the song “The Union Forever” off WBC a lot more.