The Wire - Amsterdam - 10/10

Amsterdam indeed…

Looks like Cutty is back in the fold, amongst other things…

Bunny getting things lined up for his next career move. He sure gets his deserved respect from the gang members doesn’t he. Funny how quick the bangers in the gym snaped to attention when the teacher grabbed the microphone.

Donette getting played like a violin by Stringer (maybe he’s playing it straight with her, but I don’t think so)

Rhonda & Cedric get busted by McNulty. Wonder how many times she has looked at that drunken face through that peephole?

Poor Bunk still looking for that damn gun. Was that the gun that was given to Cutty?

Carcetti, the political scum, running for mayor.

Interesting exchange between McNulty and Freemon - I liked the fact that even though McMulty acted like a total dick, Freemon made sure that Prez went and checked out all the paperwork on B & B.

Do you get the feeling that Carcetti may want to use Bunny in his bid to become mayor? I sensed something of the sort when 1) Bunny met with the guy from John Hopkins and 2) when Carcetti went to the meeting where the police spoke to the citizens. I got the impression from the John Hopkins meeting that Bunny doesn’t really want to do security. And it appeared that Carcetti seemed somewhat impressed with Bunny’s statements at the citizens meeting. Maybe Carcetti sees Bunny as his next Chief of Police? And maybe it will give Bunny a chance to continue police work (which is what he really wants to do - once he becomes Chief of Police maybe he’ll get the chance to make a difference).



The title of the episode refers to the attempt by the police of Baltimore (specifically those on the west side) to create “legalized” drug-dealing. The mayor and the chief of police have ordered that the muder rate MUST come down. Many of the murders are drug-related. One of the district police chiefs (Major Howard “Bunny” Colvin) has come up with a solution - force all the drug dealers into one neighborhood (a section of abandoned residences where no-one lives). As long as the drug dealing takes place in that neighborhood, then the cops (his cops from the west side of Baltimore) will not hassle them. Part of this episode of The Wire depicts his and his cops attempts to move the dealers to this neighborhood. One of his cops, in explaining the situation to a group of young drug dealers, states that this area will be like Amsterdam.

Hope the above helps…