The Wire - Dead Soldiers - 10/3

Best episode so far this season. The plot is thickening like a pot of gumbo.

Poor Commissioner Burrell is getting his jewels squeezed no matter what, and just like with anywhere else, poop rolls downhill.

Was Cedric still getting praised by Rawls for breaking the Cheese case? Doesn’t Rawls know that it was for shooting his dog?

I couldn’t figure out what Bunny was doing early on until he laid out his plan of simply relocating the dealers. He was out looking for places to move them.

Carcetti is turning out to be pure political scum - he’s got a good future in DC.

How long will it be before Barksdale starts squeezing Stringer over a drop in numbers? Betweem Omar and Marlo, his numbers have to be falling. I’ll wager that Cutty will get a call from Stringer to do some enforcement.

I agree - I was a bit disappointed in the initial installments because I didn’t get a sense of where the storyline was going. But then I remembered why I became hooked on this program - the writers slowly build up the arcs till we (as viewers) began to see how each is related (in some fashion or another).

I don’t really remember - but I thought it was telling in that all the chiefs care about is numbers. Remember the scene where Bunny told his folks to not manage the numbers? And likewise the major (can’t remember his name, but the same guy from last season who had it in for Frank Sobotka) making the comment about lying about the numbers to make him look good.

And this ties into the mayor’s and other higher ups concerend with reducing the numbers (muder rates). Move all the drug dealing to an area that the cops can control. Let the drug dealers do their business. If there’s no dead bodies, then the cops don’t care. But it gives the cops both a strategic and tactical advantage. If things get out of hand, they know exactly where it’s occuring. And they can clamp down on the activity if need be.

Still not quite sure what he’s up to. Is he actually angeling to eventually become mayor? Or something else. Burrell would be wise not to trust him too much.

Agreed - I think we’ll see signs up this next enstallment. But I wonder how this might tie into Bunny’s plan above (move the dealing to one location)?

Couple of things that have peaked my interest:

Why is McNulty investigating the DeAngelo Barksdale suicide? Is he trying to get something on Stringer to take to Avon? That’s my take, anyway…

What’s the deal with Bunk being responsible in trying to recover a firearm? I couldn’t quite get the logic of why it had priority over the murder of one of Omar’s compadres (the female).

Still trying to figure out how the prison parolee fits into everything. There was a nice little segment where he went to meet with a former flame (I assume it was his former girlfriend). Maybe the writers are trying to protray through his character the difficulties in giving up “the game”. We’ll see…

Here’s hoping that Omar is in more future installments. The actor who plays him is simply brilliant. You get the sense from the way his character is portrayed that he actually IS that person.

As observant as Omar is, I was surprised when they raided the Barksdale gang that he didn’t notice that the guy was opening a door to the outside of the house.

Interesting story about the late Det. Ray Cole:

The occasional character was played by one of the series co-creators, Robert Colesberry, who died last spring at age 57.

As for why McNulty is investigating D’Angelo’s death, he’s seeing it as a possible way to get inside the Barksdale crew. Note the scene, where Donette was calling Stringer…McNulty seemingly passed along the news to her that her old boyfriend wasn’t a suicide after all. I think his major short term goal is to flip Donette. We’ll see how that goes.

Wonder if McNulty will end up doing more than flipping her…

It’s somewhat accepted around here that Carcetti is based on the current Baltimore mayor who used to be head of the city council, IIRC. Let’s say LOOSELY based because he wasn’t a scum bag. But, he was a white guy who had respect (and maybe power – I’m not too hip on the internal workings) who ended up becoming mayor.

Something you may not know: the guy who left the “funeral” and puked off the curb has had a bit part in some of the episodes. He’s Ed Norris. He came from New York to be BCPD commissioner. Then, he became head of the state police about the same time he got convicted of misusing department funds (for things like shopping trips to New York). He’s either IN, GOING TO, or HAS BEEN IN jail for that conviction, if I’m not mistaken. I think that conviction came down

The new credits is where I too that “location” from, although the show actually says “murdaland”.

“I think that conviction came down after they taped this season’s episodes.”

Man I wish this show would get more recognition, both around here and in general. Even HBO does a sub-par job. They start showing previews for the new 6 Feet Under season 6 months before it starts, but yet they slip the new Wire season in like a cat in the night. “Let’s start the new Wire season and hope no one notices!”

I suppose that it is just too difficult a show for the casual viewer, and that unless you’ve been with it from the start, it would be hard to get into. It really struck me at the start of the season that they offered NO explanation as to what was going on - just jumped right into it. You’d be screwed if you didn’t already know the characters.

One thing from this week’s episode - after Omar’s botched heist, as his gang was making a break for it I THOUGHT that maybe Dante had shot that girl. Mrs. nrd and I went back over that scene a couple of times on the Tivo and after watching it 3 times it became pretty obvious that he had. But the first time through it was just too fast. I wonder what’s going to become of that? Does the rest of Omar’s crew realize what happened, or do they blame it on the Barksdales? Does the crew totally blame Omar for what happened in general? They wanted to get out of the business of hitting Barksdale houses, but it was Omar that insisted they hit that one.

God I love this show!