"The Wire" might NOT be back. . .

This is Baltimore’s weekly City Paper. Pretty good article, from real fans.

You know, I really had a feeling at the end of last season, “well, the show COULD end this way.”

With those characters, there’s always something to do, but they didn’t exactly leave cliff-hangers or anything.

I couldn’t find any updates about the show anywhere.

This would be horrible. I think it’s unfortunate that The Wire doesn’t get the credit it deserves, probably because it is usually compared with the other shows on hbo that have bigger-name stars. I have heard multiple critics agree it is the best cop/crime drama show on tv though so I wish more people outside of B-More would give it some respect. It is by far my favorite show on tv - and not, I think, just because it’s set in Baltimore. I really like the idea of an extended storyline(s) that continue throughout the season and are building up to a thrilling conclusion at the season’s end. The attention span of tv-watchers seems to be pretty low these days so maybe that’s why this kind of show doesn’t get more love. IMHO, though, if more people watched The Wire (and realize it is based on real-life experiences/occurences) we would have a lot more people caring about some of the problems we have in cities across the country today. I hope they don’t cancel this show.