The Wire: The Musical!

OK, not a real thing, but still a funny sketch, especially if you find Omar dancing amusing.

The Wire

LOL! “I’m pretty sure David Simon doesn’t know they’re doing this!”


And Snoop was as awesome as she always is:)


“This some Cinderella bullshit!” :smiley:

Thanks for sharing!

It’s hard to laugh and cringe at the same time, so mostly I cringed. But I liked the catchy song and Michael K. Williams’ dancing. And I think you have to admit they nailed the chess speech/song. It was very memorable in the show, but it felt about as believable in the musical as it did in the real episode. :stuck_out_tongue:

What did you find cringe-worthy? Just the cheesiness of it?

Featuring the Tony Award-winning songs “Fuck…Fuck…Motherfucker”, and “Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeit”.

Yes. It’s not a criticism. It’s just a comment on seeing such a childishly bad version of such a good show. “Come on Bubs, get off drugs” was pretty good too, actually.

He used to be a backup dancer for Madonna. That fact still hasn’t successfully found a place in my head.

I was going to say “I bet she didn’t have him doing high kicks while wearing a trenchcoat and holding a shotgun,” but maybe she did.

I cringed as well because it wasn’t all that funny. But fun to see the old cast members again.

It wasn’t all that funny, but where and when are we ever going to see Snoop in a dress again?

Worth it just for this. And no one should ever pass up a chance to see Michael K. Williams.

David Simon approves.

Where, indeed. She looked hot!