Threat Level : Midnight (The Office 3-17)

Wow. For me, the first really great episode in a couple of seasons…


Brillant. I especially loved that Michael was able to convince Helen to appear in the movie in a sexy nurse outfit. And Pam’s reaction. And Jim in goldface paint. I’m actually quite suprised at how good the continuity was in the film. I expected things like the water level of drinks or hairstyles to change back & forth during the scene. I have to watch it again; there might be a bunch of stuff I didn’t notice.

I don’t understand how all these people from different stages of Dunder-Mifflin Scranton history could all have appeared in this movie.

Michael talked about how long it took to make. Something like “Two years to write, two years to reshoot, four years to reshoot…”

“You should show this at festivals!”
“…or carnivals!”

There are probably a million holes to be poked in his movie and how he could possibly have made it, but as a sendoff to the brain of Michael Scott it was perfect.

I agree, it was brilliant.

“Oh yeah, I guess I did let him be a robot.”

Going to re-watch it… Roy and David Wallace were *supposed *to be in it.

Roy was in it. He was one of the hostages. I don’t recall seeing David Wallace.

Yeah, I was thinking that may be the case. Now I’m watching in HD.

I Saw Carole…

Was the kid in the bar Wallece’s son, (who played the drums in the ‘Suck It’ episode?).

Also, Ryan’s friend from NY was in it… the one Dwight thought was a Hobbit.

That man was a wanted animal rapist.


Four deleted scenes on

More Roy.

I’ve always wanted to know how to Do The Scarn.

I just noticed (in the cast bios) that the name of Ryan’s dimunitive friend is “Troy L. Underbridge.” Ha! Troll under bridge!

Haha. Nice catch!

I enjoyed it, (a lot), but it’s still didn’t seem authentic. I very much liked that Michael was able to admit to Holly that the movie wasn’t very good; But, for a ‘home movie’, it was almost too good for Michael Scott. Getting everyone to participate is just beyond believability, but seeing everyone from the past was epic.

I’m, (once again), conflicted about this show. I think I’ll just let myself enjoy this episode, and not worry about all the other stuff. :slight_smile:

I loved how, even though Michael is emotionally immature in many, many ways, he didn’t screw things up with Holly.

“You’re being a pain in my ass…ok, you aren’t really a pain in my ass, I’m just mad and I’m sorry and I love you.”

Honestly, a lot of relationships would be better if people were like that.

It had it all … the unexpected turncoat in the “Oval Office,” the training montage with the inspiring 80s rock song, hot babes (“Ever banged an entire bachelorette party?”), big-game finale (love how Michael admitted ruining the Scranton High hockey team’s postseason).

Best of all … a kick-ass theme song! “Threat Level what? Mid-night! Threat Level who? Michael Scarn!”

My favorite joke was how Darryl agreed to be in it because he thought it would be good for his daughter to get to see a black US president, even if only in a low-budget movie.

The stuff where you could hear the movie, but not see it, where Jim was explaining the origin of Goldface, that was hilarious

They missed the chance to do something really great in the ending bit. They should have had the whole cast in a big dance number doing the Scarn like at the end of Slumdog Millionaire.