The Office, 2/4 (open spoilers)

So Kathy Bates is the new CEO after Wallace’s character takes a Jan-like nosedive, (in that his character did a 180). I’m looking forward the changes Saber can bring. If Bates is a regular fixture on the show, I think she’d make a great CEO. She’s good catch.

Loved the nonsensical Christian Slater video, and Jim’s imitation of Christian Slater.

Didn’t like the scenes with Jim and Pam in the daycare (were all the kids supposed to be in another room the whole time, cause it looked deserted. Except for the guy in the toilet.)

Sah-bray. Heh.

There could have been more than one person there.

This was the first episode directed by John Krasinski, so if that my rationalization doesn’t help, you have him to blame; (Or the writers for trying to make a joke of nothing). It *IS *a work day, so there should be kids.

There were kids and another adult there when they were interviewed in his office.

The new office orienteer guy was the deliciously oily flacky from last year’s indy movie In The Loop which has been described as Wag the Dog meets the Office.

Erin: I got a big box, yes I do. I got a big box, how about you?

Oscar: I think you don’t know what you’re saying.


Perhaps I am overprotective of my precious little snowflake, but my first thought “wow great security!”.

All around I thought it was a pretty good episode. Michael’s visit with Wallace was hilarious. His wife, Michael wearing an undershirt in the hot tub, the “Suck it”…all great.

I wonder how much longer the Andy and Erin thing will go on for before they finally go out or is otherwise resolved.

Damn, just got that one! :smack:

I thought he was just making fun of her for repeating Michael’s stupid song.

It feels a little bit like the Charles Minor season, redux. I hope it doesn’t get too one note and oppressive. There’s only so many times we can keep seeing Michael humiliating himself and being debased before it becoms unwatchable. I’d like to see some kind of road to redemption and dignity being opened for him sometime.

I also want to see Erin naked, but that probably isn’t going to happen.

That kid was pretty good on the drums, by the way.

The kids at the daycare were at “storytime” which is why the interviewer (Joey Slotnick… the Bitter Beer Face guy) was confident in using the unlocked children’s bathroom to poop in.

Yeah, that was my thought too. If I walked into a daycare like that and looked around without anyone being there I’d walk right back out and find another one.

I agree with your last post. He’s way too bratty for someone who’s got to at least have enough common sense, (after last season), to value HAVING a job. I really can’t wait to see how Jo effects both Michele and Jim.

I think the B-story shouldn’t have been about Jim and Pam. They will have the baby soon, so what’s the point when you can focus on: ‘Kelly and Ryan’, ‘Dwight and Angela’ and ‘the brushed upon’ ‘Andy and Erin’… Or my favorite; ‘Oscar and Matt’; Since Oscar’s ‘normalcy’ at times ellipse’s Jim’s these days. I also wonder why Jim’s gone on the day the new company arrives. Does Jo even know the branch has two bosses.

Enough planting seeds. let’s see some developments. Also, the spotty scheduling will not help the show. I think/ hope their’s some revamping with characters. Michael could use some growing up. I wonder when Pam will pop? Next week, or after the Olympics. Isn’t she due soon?

It was cool seeing some old cast members as always. David’s wife and son, (who is good at drums). Also like the casting choices this your for new characters.

That episode was horrible. The show is now horrible. Are you telling me that CO-manager Jim wouldn’t know that you pronounce Sabre SAY-BER?

Or that he wouldn’t simply have made a joke with the guy about walking in on him in the can? Or that Jim would’t have knocked first in case a child was in there?

I notice that Ed Helms is now one of the stars and they still show the names of the others for about 2 seconds in the opening credits so you can’t even really read their names.

Face it, THE OFFICE is done. It is an insult. A waste of time.

98% of it is idiotic, and maybe 2% is funny.

I think it is supposed to be the other way around.

I just want to watch David Wallace walk around the house in his T-shirt. Suck it.

Wow, one down.
I can’t tell you to like something you don’t. So I won’t and I’ll add to your criticism; They wouldn’t know they company sells printers at that point?

It was an okay (not great) episode. A lot of it was setup for their new relationshiop with Sahbray.

It was a million times better than last week’s clip episode.

I don’t think that would work. Michael’s the villain; he has to be humiliated by the show in order for it to work.

Just curious what you mean, or if you could further explain? I’ve been hoping Michael to become a little more ‘grounded’.

An example of this is “Parks and Recreation.” In the first season, Amy Poehler was very Michael Scott-like - not very likeable, and the show was not that funny; it felt like an Office rip-off.

In season 2, they still use the fake-documentary format, but Poehler has become the sane person of the cast - the straight man. All the other eccentric characters play of her. The show is much, much better this season and frankly, makes us laugh more than Office does now.