The Office: 04 Feb 2011

Wow, I actually liked this one.

For a moment I really thought Michael was going to jump off the building right as Holly was coming out the door. Oh well. The whole episode was dark, so a dark conclusion wouldn’t have been much of a surprise by that point. I hope Holly sticks around. The Etiquette Bitch just announced that she’s leaving the show too.

Heck, why not just do 20 minutes of Erin? Erin and Angela. Excellent finish by Angela, I actually cheered (she hasn’t been seen in a while either, I almost forgot about her, which made it an even better finish!)

Dwight seemed way more douchey then normal today. I’m not sure if he was in “must save Michael” mode or what, but someone needed to smack him.

A continuation of the downslide in quality for this series. I wish they would just put Michael and Holly on a boat and let them sail off in the sunset already. What a waste of air time to continue that boring story line. Jim and Pam has also run out of steam for quite a while now. I’d rather see stories around the rest of the cast, especially Craig Robinson. Just give me stories with a lot of Darryl, Andy, and Erin.

This one was an uptick in the trend downward. The captions were funny, the divorce was funny and Holly as a homing pigeon was great. Jim abandoning Michael was lame though.

Did Erin’s look at the end suggest a change in her attitude toward Holly?

Who the hell is the Etiquette Bitch?

I thought it was a really good episode (although Jim leaving Michael behind was a week element, it was necessary to kickstart the plot). I didn’t get the “Michael is going to jump” vibe at all. I thought the “Holly thinks just like Michael” plot was cute and develops the “Michael runs off into the sunset with Holly” end of Carrell’s run nicely.

The Etiquette Bitch is Kelly (she claimed that brand last week), but I hadn’t heard that Mindy Salig is leaving the show.

It’s Kalig and is it true she is leaving? I see her contract is up, but I wonder if she’ll leave.

It’s Kaling (actually Chokalingam), and the word has been out since the beginning of the season that she would be leaving for another project.

Frankly, I think losing her will be a bigger blow to the series than losing Steve Carell.

Sorry, I know, that was a typo.

Uh… okay, that was a mistake.

Well, wasn’t she only down on Holly in the first place because she broke Michael’s heart?

Good god. I had to google to prove to myself that that was not a joke name. :eek:

That, and the fact that she only scored a 16 out of 20 on the Personality/Humor/Left Ear/Right Ear Scale (3/2/7/4).

  1. Good lord, you must be a 14 or 15.


What was the name of Michael’s millionaire character that farts popcorn?

Orville Tootenbacher.

“Orville Tootenbacher”

Can somebody explain to me why Michael would leave his cell phone AND wallet in Jim’s car when he went in to use the bathroom? Oh wait…could it be BAD WRITING?

This show has 25 executive and co-executive producers and another 109 producers, co-producers, produced by’s, and supervising producers and this is the best they can do?

That is the last time i will watch this insulting waste of time.

PS What the fuck does Daryll do all day in his private office in his warehouse clothes?

Now 30 Rock is a different story…very funny and intelligently written.

Okay, bye.

you must be one of the writers with that weak shit.

just kidding!

Don’t worry, he’ll be back.

koufax - seriously. Every single thread you come in and post the same shit. Please stop crapping in these threads, it’s extremely obnoxious. Please?

Absolutely my favorite part of the episode. Ears are very important.