"THE WIRE": Your Favorite Characters from: THE DOCKS

Per the discussion of HBO’s “The Wire” in this thread, as well as the discussion in this thread regarding polling to find out who people’s favorite characters from the show are, here is the first poll of several that **Zeldar **and I will be posting in the near future.

The idea was to break the entire cast (over 300 people have appeared on the show) by sub-groups based on how they fit into the story. We then we narrowed those groups down a bit by cutting out characters that appeared in under 10 episodes.

Of course, there are many recognizable and unforgettable characters in that under-10 range (Brother Mouzone was only in seven episodes, for example) so we cherry picked the ones that we thought should be included in the poll. We were pretty liberal w/ the choices but if you feel we missed somebody, feel free to post your thoughts in the thread for the group that character belongs to.

We will be allowing three (3) votes per person for the smaller sub-groups and around 8 per person for the larger groups (The Game, The Police). Once we find the favorites from each group, we’ll create a master poll to determine the final results.

The poll will be for the sub-group: “The Docks.” These are characters who are mainly involved in the dockworkers story arc of Season Two. For this poll, we decided to include the Greeks with this subgroup.

Characters will only be included in a single sub-group each, and since some of the characters like Namond and Michael could have also been included w/ The Street as well as The School, we decided to include them w/ The School because their stories were mostly born out of the school system storyline in season four, that they would fit best in that group for polling purposes. Prez, though, will be included w/ The Police as that’s where a majority of his storylines took place.

Lastly, in case your memory is fuzzy (I know mine was when we started working on this) here is a Wiki link that will help you find out who somebody is, if you don’t remember their name.

Here are the characters that will be voted on in this poll. Please note that the character’s name appears first, followed by the actor’s name and the number of episodes they appeared in.

Spiros ‘Vondas’ Vondopoulos - Paul Ben-Victor (17 episodes)
Nickolas ‘Nick’ Sobotka - Pablo Schreiber (13 episodes)
Frank Sobotka - Chris Bauer (12 episodes)
Chester ‘Ziggy’ Sobotka - James Ransone (12 episodes)
Thomas ‘Horseface’ Pakusa - Charley Scalies (12 episodes)
John ‘Johnny Fifty’ Spamanto - Jeffrey Pratt Gordon (12 episodes)
Sergei ‘Serge’ Malatov - Chris Ashworth (11 episodes)
Nathaniel ‘Nat’ Coxson - Luray Cooper (10 episodes)
The Greek - Bill Raymond (10 episodes)
Aimee - Kristin Proctor (6 episodes)
Maui - Lance Irwin (5 episodes)
Eton Ben-Eleazer - Lev Gorn (5 episodes)
George ‘Double G’ Glekas - Teddy Cañez (5 episodes)
Delores - Jill Redding (5 episodes)

Thanks for setting this up!

I actually disliked Nick and Ziggy quite a bit. Also, since the header doesn’t say OPEN SPOILERS, I’ll spoiler this question for fans of Season 2:

Nick goes into witness protection, but in season 4 or 5 isn’t he there on the docks heckling Tommy Carchetti?

Yes, to what’s in your spoiler box, but it was maybe a couple years later when we saw that. I may be wrong, but I don’t think witness protection means he’d be confined, or guarded 24/7.

I voted for Frank, Vondas, and Ziggy. In fact, Ziggy’s in my top ten, maybe five, overall. He was clueless and inept, but he had a good heart, just like his dad. The actor nailed the part, and seeing him in Generation Kill made me appreciate what he did as Ziggy. Same for Paul Ben Victor as Vondas – watching him in John from Cincinnati playing a “malaka” (sp?) – so different from Vondas!

Just FYI - Here are the other polls that are up so far:

The School

The Paper

I will naturally vote for Frank Sobotka for being a seriously deep and tragic character, but I was tempted to vore for Aimee.

Those boobs, my god, those boobs.

My votes were for the first three in the list. Had we been going with five votes each, I might have chosen Ziggy, since I was aware of how well the actor took on the challenge. I just didn’t like Ziggy’s impetuous brainlessness. I confess to a fading memory of the rest of the group so picking a #5 would have been a crapshoot.

I sympathize with people who saw The Wire back when it was first run and who haven’t refreshed their memories since. My memory of the show is since April or May this year! Netflix and On Demand are it for me. But the high rating the show had in the Favorite TV Shows odyssey that took over a month to resolve, made me want to see what the praise was all about. Now I’m a believer, too!

I’m not ashamed to admit that I considered adding them as their own polling option.

Hubba, hubba!

The Wire has few heroes but two of them came out of this season. I see Frank but not the equally heroic Beadie Russell, is she in with the Detail?

I may be speaking out of turn, but I believe she’s in the major section/group The Law, which is being sorted out at this very moment. She’s definitely not being ignored, since her relationship with McNulty spans more then S2. This group, The Docks, is essentially the S2 people, with Vondas appearing here because of his major contribution to the show being here.

Bob Ducca may clarify further, since he’s doing the groupings.

Yeah, Beadie will be in w/ “The Law” but I’m starting to wish she’d been added to The Docks. She would have been serviced better there. Oh well… We going to have people voting for more characcters in the big groups so hopefully she’ll get the love she deserves. If not, I might sneak her into the final poll anyway.

nevermind, wrong thread

Frank’s definitely in my top 5 of the entire show.

I just want to note that I have my hate on for Nick. He’s so “the poor man’s Ben Affleck.”