The wonderous weight-loss bread!!

I got this in my e-mail, 8 times!!

It went on like this for many, many sentences more… including an interview with the housewife who made the bread! Intrigued, I went to google, and searched for “Hunza” and surprise! They ARE a real people!!

Too weird!

Of course, the recipe costs $20, ONLY cash, no checks, money orders, etc.
Obviously BS of the purest strain, but is anyone willing to part with $20 and then share the recipe? :slight_smile:

yey! no more diets! I ll buy that cheap bread right now!
I am gonna take my chance to become a skinny little barbie doll in no time without any effort! yey!
dodgy :smiley:

I always get viagra offers… lol

Yeah, I get the Viagra offers too! They don’t seem to care that I DON’T have that problem!!!

I need an anti-viagra! Now THAT would come in handy!!

I see this UL posted occasionally to the low-carb boards that I read. Am I the only one that sees the irony here?? :smiley:

How to make a “high-roughage” bread in your own home:

Make regular wheat bread, but add a fistful of sawdust. Voila! High-roughage bread!
But probably not what you imagined…

Humph! When I was learning to cook I regularly came up with stuff that killed everyone’s appetite!

Occasionally still do.