Hunza Bread

From the thread about bulk foods, I found the makings for Hunza Bread

Anybody ever make it, it sounds like something that would be a nice breakfast, with lots of chopped fruit and nuts added…?

The website does say you can add in fruits and nuts; clicking on the picture will lead to some more reading. “For added variety according to personal taste, you can add dried fruits and/or nuts. Some excellent choices are apricots, raisins, walnuts, almonds, or dates, which we also carry!”
I wonder what the actual caloric content of the bread is, just because the website keeps writing “DIET” which leads me to believe that it’s less “Great if you’re trying to lose weight!” diet and more “Everything you eat is technically a diet!” diet. Either way, sounds like a yummy type of bread though! If you do buy it and make it, tell us how it is!