The word inventing game!

Which word according to you should be a must mention in the Oxford dictionary.

Rules :

  1. It cannot be in ANY sort of dictionary.
  2. It may or may not make sense.
  3. An example must be given .
  4. Give it your best shot . :smiley:

Here’s mine.

Mpufft : v. To suffocate or choke ; strangle .

**eg : **I will Mpufft you.

PS : The ‘p’ is silent

My friends and I have come up with quite a lot of new words whilst playing Profaniscrabble. This is played exactly like Scrabble with the important difference that any rude word is an automatic double word score. Obviously, many of the words are made up on the spot, but for the word to count, the player has to be able to define it and justify its’ existence. Memorable entries have been:

Quimja: an Oriental warrior proficient in the use of the pork sword.

Apesemenjoy: not sure what it means but it made us laugh so it counted.

So do Sniglets count?

A friend of mine uses the word “squink” to refer to those styoform peanuts used for packaging.

Manusicate: spinning a cell phone on a smooth surface. Usually done as recreation while trying to come up with something funny to post at the SMDB.

Pittard: s. Person trying to enter commuter vehicle before persons inside waiting to get out can leave said vehicle.

eg: I dislocated my shoulder because I ran into a* Pittard* when I was trying to get off the tube.

Scklertsch: interj. 1. A jumble of letters, like lkjh3lkjh7.
2a. Suffocating effect of space cramped with construction, asphalt and concrete. 2b. Multiple layers of simplified geometric shapes, like over/under passes. 3. Complex technology used for something frivolous, like leaf-blowers. alt. sp. sklerch.

eg There is no example of this in a sentence because it is more like an exclamation.

reasten: v.t. 1. to read a book on tape.

Ex. Did you read Justine? No. I reastened to it in the car on my way to work.

drap: noun. 1. a small portion of overcooked food.

Ex: I’m getting full - just another drap of spinach, please.

manties: noun. 1. man panties. Very similar to “Whitey Tighties” or “Underoos”

Ex: My oh my! You are looking lovely in your manties this evening.

I hope this one is okay…I use it quite frequently.

Fidiot: noun (Fucking + Idiot)


Said while driving in Ohio:

“You fidiot! You cut me off!”

or, while listening to your friend rant about her white trash boyfriend:

“Your boyfriend is a fidiot.”