The Word "Ursuline" in Catholic Landmarks

There is an Ursuline Convent in New Orleans. There’s also an Ursuline Convent in Springfield, IL, and an Ursuline Academy high school.

In fact, this page lists several Ursuline institutions throughout North America.

What does “Ursuline” mean, especially as it relates to Catholicism?

[sub]I’m assuming it has nothing to do with ursa, the Latin word for “bear.”[/sub]

I popped over to and got this:

Saint Ursula

The term refers to the members of a religious community instituted in honor of St.Ursula.

That lady ,or her followers, were victims of a massacre.

Why didn’t I think of that?

Jeez, I’m a dumbass sometimes. :smack:

A short account of an Ursuline community including its origins.

I’m irked at Earthling for beating me to the link for St. Ursula – how often do you get to provide an answer in GQ that includes the phrase “and eleven thousand virgins”??? :wink:

Probably not very often. Not in GQ, anyway. An answer that involves so many virgins probably belongs in ATMB.