The World Is Not Enough

I just watched the James Bond movie “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service”. There is one scene where he visits a geneologist and sees the Bond family coat-of-arms. The family slogan is “Orbis Non Sufficio”, which means “The World is Not Enough”. However, the scene is a bit incongruous, so I’m wondering if was actually in the original movie (and book), or if they shoehorned it in to connect with the current release. In particular, the coat-of-arms could have had a completely different slogan in the original movie.

BTW, I recommend the movie to any Bond fans. It starred George Lazenby, who did a pretty good job, despite never being asked back. The supporting cast was also good. In my opinion, Bond has met his match in a Bond-girl only twice during the entire series. The first was Diana Rigg in this one. (The second was Michelle Yeoh in “Tomorrow Never Dies”.)

It appears in chapter 6 of “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service,” but is merely given in Egnlish.
I’m not a Latin student but I assume it works… something like “this globe does not sufice”…

Well my VHS copy predates the latest by about 4 years (1995) but it will take me a while to find the particular scene. My guess is it’s original (why bother changing it?). I’ll see what I can find though.

Yep, as Sir Hillary says “The World is Not Enough” on my old VHS copy (about 35min. into it). Oh and yes I do have all the Bond films on VHS and I have seen the new one twice, pathetic hey ?

Thanks funfeefarmer. If the timestamps are right, it only took you eight minutes to find it. Not bad!

I knew about where it was, don’t even ask how many times I’ve seen 'em.

As the others have pointed out, the phrase has always been in the movie (OHMSS). It’s also mentioned in the book and even appears on the original cover art. But an article from the Ian Fleming Foundation’s on-line magazine points out that it is NOT, in fact, the Bond family motto. It’s a bit convoluted, so read it for yourself…