The world sucks

One of my closest friends from work has had a really, really shitty week. Saturday he found out one of his best friends and members of his now-semi-defunct band has some sort of cancer and is starting chemo immediately, because it’s pretty serious.

Then today he [my friend] was driving himself to school and got in an accident. I don’t know the details yet, but apparently someone swerved to avoid a dog that ran into the road, still hit the dog, and hit another car (one of those two was my friends). He and the passenger and the other driver are okay. The dog died. His car (which was his grandfather’s, who passed away not quite six months ago) is completely totalled. So he no longer has a way other than an hour-long busride to get to and from school.

In summary: a lifelong friend of his has cancer. He’s holding himself responsible for the death of a dog. His car is literally a hopeless wreck, and he’s incredibly shaken up and in physical pain.

Life is not fucking fair.


I got no words.

very long, warm, cozy, comforting hugs for NinjaChick’s friend

I’m sorry for your friend, NinjaChick. I hope he stops blaming himself for the dog, at least.

Of course the world sucks. Otherwise we’d all get flung off into space.

Okay, that’s out of my system. Sorry.

My slightly less unsympathetic reply:

Lots can be done for cancer these days. A guy his age, I’m guessing Hodgkins and that usually has a pretty good cure rate.

I like dogs much more than people but even I can’t get too worked up over killing one by accident. And since he wasn’t even driving the car that hit the dog…

Cars, like dogs, can be replaced and he didn’t even have to pay for this one. Too bad it got totalled and all but won’t his insurance help pay for a new one?

In other words, I’m sorry so much shit happened to people and animals around him but since I don’t even know the guy and can see three other creatures in your OP who are worse off than him I’m not going to get too MPSIMS over it.

Meh, he’s still young. He will hopefully have plenty of years to learn how life can really suck. Like when he has cancer and his dog gets killed. Or his child has cancer and their dog gets killed. Not to trivialize his pain, but it can (and most likely will) be much worse.

No one ever said life was fair or the world didn’t suck. That’s life.

So… friend ill, dog dead, car bad, ergo world sucks. I am not disagreeing, I think you just need to provide better evidence.

The world neither sucks nor is great. Now is it, in fact, in the middle. It all revolves around your perceptions. See the good in everything, and make the best of it, and fix what you can’t and life will flow smoothly. Sometimes life hands you lemons and fogets the juicer (i.e., for making lemonade). Then you just have to smile and eat lemons.

Sometimes the world does suck. Be there for him, help out when you can, and eventually things will get better.