"The world's goin' to hell but I'm still here" MMP

Quick update: I had my video appointment with the cardiologist, and it turns out her nurse got the message wrong and I did NOT need to postpone my surgery!!! :smiley: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :slightly_smiling_face: I called the bariatric center, and their coordinator is looking at the calendar and will call me when we can reschedule. Even if 11/1 is still available, the liquid diet would need to start on Monday and there isn’t enough time to order product between now and then. I have a feeling I’m looking at a delay of at least a couple of weeks, if not 4-6 weeks (when I got the ok on 9/24, 11/1 was the soonest available date for surgery). I am super frustrated with the nurse who can’t type, but I’m happy that I’m not sick – woo hoo! – and that a longer delay isn’t needed. I should know the new date by COB tomorrow.

{exhales for the first time in a week}

Yay! That’s the best possible news! Sorry for the delay in surgery, though.

Brioche buns are rising in the kitchen, so we’ll be having fried egg sandwiches for breakfast tomorrow. Then maybe sloppy joes next weekend. I can’t say enough about the proofing box I bought some time ago. Takes all the guesswork out of getting the dough to rise properly.

The furnace guy is coming this afternoon for the annual checkup. We finally settled our claim with Sears home warranty. They came and checked the washer back in March and determined that the control panel was failing, but that the part is no longer manufactured (what a surprise) and turned it over to their research department. They finally gave up and offered to either replace the machine or send us a settlement check for $650. Since the machine is still plugging along, we took the cash.

Wonderful news and such a relief!

Proper tools make a world of difference, don’t they!

Our day isn’t going as well as could be hoped. Our housekeeper came this morning, and my plans were to change sheets and do a few loads of laundry this afternoon.

Instead we are waiting for the septic guys go get here because everything totally stopped up this morning. Our poor housekeeper was cleaning a toilet, flushed it and ended up with water all over the floor. (I am so glad she hasn’t fired us yet, George has probably doubled her work because of all the extra kitty clutter all over the place.)

We were scheduled to have the septic tank pumped Friday morning, but when hubs called and told them that it was an emergency they said they would be able to get someone out sometime today but of course they couldn’t give us a time. There is a small park a couple of miles away that has clean restrooms we can use, but its not optimal.

We went to a small Mexican place for breakfast while our housekeeper was here and I ordered the cactus and scrambled eggs. The waitress told us that there was a cactus shortage and that the owner is getting it out of his neighbors’ yards because they can’t reliably order it. (Prickly pear cactus grow quickly and is a pain to cut back. If I was his neighbor, I’d want to be on his list of suppliers too!)

Yay! I’m glad it’s moving ahead. :slight_smile:

Well, Gibbs has congestive heart failure and spots on his lungs. For those of you too new to know who Gibbs is, he’s our Yorkee Mix. We thought he was having seizures, but it turns out he was fainting when he got excited. Wifey took him to the vet a few days ago and they did ~$900 worth of tests on him. Anyway, we’re giving him a bunch of pills twice a day and he has to go back to see what effect they have had on him in a week or so. This is very disturbing for us. Especially since Vinnie (Schnauzer) is visibly going down hill fast. He’s 14 and getting old.

Oh and our toilet backed up this morning too. Fortunately we’re on city sewer and I just had to put my power blaster down the cleanouts and blow it into the city sewer line. I suspect it’s the wet-wipes thingees Wifey is addicted to. The city even sent a notice around begging people not to use them 'cause they don’t dissolve and clog things up. Wifey says the city is wrong and she’s right because, well, she’s always right. :roll_eyes:

Anyway, yays, boos, and wet salmon alll around. I read but can’t respond/commiserate right now.

Oh, poor Gibbs! I hope the meds help him.

Tell her this: “Plumbers all put their kids through college thanks to ‘flushable’ (but not really) wipes.”
This is an actual quote from a real-life plumber, and it really hit home for me. Now I treat them like paper towels, or T.P. rolls. Do. Not. Flush.

The wipes I buy specifically say, in rather tiny print, “Do not flush.”
See if her brand has the same warning, typically hidden on the back/underside.

And they’re up.

Dead on arrival - shortly after we got home with her.

Pipe? What’s that?

After a lot of very blurry dog noses or receeding dog butt, I called for
a photographer’s assistant.
She doesn’t stack worth a damn.

Biting the hand that’s fed you.

For the record,

  • Call name: Anya
  • (Hopefully) temporary nickname: Demon
  • Breed: Anatolian Shepherd
  • Age: 10-1/2 weeks
  • Est. weight: 25 lbs.

Did the pic links work for anyone else? Could just be me- I seem to be growing increasingly stupid about technology.

Sounds like you’re in for a handful! From the linked article/breed description:

Most Anatolian Authorities agree that, while they can make superb deeply bonded companions with proper and consistent socialization, they are not “pets” in the conventional sense of the word. Bred for millennia to exercise independent judgment in response to perceived danger, whether from four or two legged predators, these ancient guardian dogs WILL protect. Anatolians require substantial fencing in all but open range settings, and should never be allowed off leash …

shoe Nope pic links didn’t work for me either. Bummer, wanted to see new doggie. I think if one posts the direct link to a photo on a separate line it’ll put the pic right into the post.

Making lazy jambalaya fer dinner-Zatarain’s mix and some smoked sausage.

I fear I may need to have the septic pumped, it’s probably time, I’ve had it done twice in the 15 years I’ve been here. Ah the joys of homeownership. (there’s a "meow’ in the middle of that word, now I can’t un-see it.) I’ve replaced washer, dryer, water heater, and oven. I think the fridge is probably next on the list of costly things to die.

butters, my former position was eliminated to make room for a salaried position requiring a minimum of an associate’s degree for pretty much the same job, but lower pay. I got moved to another department and the first position that they put me in didn’t work out, so I’m at the old lady table. :stuck_out_tongue:

Like butters and doggio, I would be pretty hard pressed to ever move back up north.

shady, spam risk calls don’t even ring on my phone, but those jerks text the fire out of me.

wordy, I used to block off time to show as busy for planning and class work and it does work.

{{{gibbs and bumba}}}

The links didn’t work for me desert dog. :frowning:

Irked, came home tahred (this gig is a bit more active than my last two positions), walked Nelson and et. After KP, I’ll work on an organizational project in the studio till time to take Nelson out before bedtime.

Stay safe and healthy y’all!

Link didn’t work for me, either. It made me sign in to my Amazon account but didn’t give me the option of seeing anyone else’s photos.

My eyes are tired from trying to read my ancestor’s handwriting through my grandmother’s magnifying glass. I’d better rest them at the gym while I exhaust all my other bits.

In honor of what appears to be Mumper Septic Week, I proffer my own story: the last house I owned hadn’t had the septic tank pumped in at least 10 years, maybe more, as we discovered via major plumbing issues 5 months later. The entire leach field had to be dug up. The utilities guy came out and clearly marked where the buried cables were. The plumbing guys tore up one anyway, cutting off our power. Then they refused to pay the utility charges for replacing it. They also left a huge mound of dirt in one corner of our yard. The next winter, the kids used it for sledding.

Nothing like paying for other people’s sins.

At the risk of jinxing you - have you had to replace your roof? Do you have a well? We did both… in the same year. Good times.

That’s started for me also. Today it was a text for football paraphernalia - no clue why I got it. I don’t like football. So I blocked the number. That’ll show 'em! :wink:

Oh no! Poor little dude. I hope the meds help. {skritches} for Gibbs.

I can’t see them. :frowning: Maybe it’s a permission issue?

What made you decide on Anatolian Shepherd? They sound like an interesting breed. Are there any tendencies to dog aggression? I look forward to hearing all about her as she grows. :slight_smile:

Red I hope the old lady table works out.

Nellie One trick is to take a picture with your cell phone and then zoom in on the photo. Not sure how much you have to go through but that might work for you.

All of you living in the south are nuts, I say with all affection. I’ll balance you out by strongly preferring the North and cold temperatures. Gotta keep the continent from tipping over :stuck_out_tongue:

Haven’t had to do the roof, but the separate garage roof need some attention. The house was on a well while I was looking at it, but during the process, the town extended muni water out here. Connecting to the water was part of the closing, as the old well was contaminated from a nearby gas station.

I prefer 4 seasons, and I definitely prefer north over south, after 18-ish years in Florida.

nellie, do you have a scanner? I tend to use it a lot when researching family history for enlarging things on a screen, adjusting contrast (I have a bunch of family who labeled photos with pencil…that fades over the course of several generations) and to keep a digital copy.

Thank you all for your hugs. Cousin Sis’s daughter has a lot on her shoulders keeping charge of her mother’s care (along with her son and his new wife) and trying to come up with enough money to cremate her brother (some of us in the family are pitching in to help her with this). We talked on the way home from work again today. That woman is strong.

I’m with you (and I balance out several of those Mooooms)

Home from the gym. I didn’t do quite as much today, as I have a sore throat–sinus issues, not COVID.

Thanks much for the excellent suggestions! The original tree is on a huge piece of paper, so the digital copy is quite large. And because it’s so complex, it got confusing to just blow up parts of it on my computer. So I used Photoshop to crop each quarter of it and then blow it up. I have them taped in a kind of mosaic. If whoever had done this had better handwriting and a sharper nib on their fountain pen, I probably wouldn’t need to use the magnifying glass.

I would not make a good Southerner because I can’t handle the heat. Whenever people start talking about how dogtrot houses and cupolas and thick walls kept Southern houses cooler before electricity, I keep imagining how hot women’s clothing was, with drawers and crinolines and corsets and long sleeves (in the daytime). I’d have had a permanent case of The Vapors.


Yoiks. So the gas station’s tanks leaked? Nobody needs high octane drinking water.

red, I’m still praying for y’all. Even strong women need comforting now and then, right?