"The world's goin' to hell but I'm still here" MMP

Hey, Mumpers! I’m awake at stupid o’clock so I’ll get this week’s show started.

I’m still alive and kicking. That’s the best I’ve got. How’s life in your corner of the world?

I guess I got your sleep, because even tho I woke stoopit early to tend to my insistent bladder, I fell back to sleep till nearly 6. FCD has therapy at 7 and he’ll be leaving soon. And after I do all my internettin’, followed by showering and donning appropriate attire, I’ll haul the bins of diapers to the laundry room and get then washing. As they slosh, I’ll tread the mill. I’ll also need to pick up the toys Roxy left all over the basement floor. That should make for quite a workout.

Tomorrow, all the critters go to the vet for various and sundry shots. The challenge will be catching Ziva and crating her. We have to remember to keep the bedroom door closed tomorrow. If she gets under the bed… hoo boy!

Frankly, I don’t see why we need to take the cats. Neither one goes out, nor do they interact with any critters beyond Higgs and the occasional bug they might encounter. So how would they get rabies, or feline leukemia, or whatever else they get shots for? Whatever.

Today is Federal Columbus Day Holiday - to my mind, the most worthless of the federal holidays. Even tho I was a federal employee for eons, I still thought at least half of the paid holidays were unnecessary, tradition be damned. I’d keep Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Day, Independence Day, and Veterans Day. Because frankly, the rest really only have significance as days off, except to maybe specialized groups. Seriously - why do we bother with Presidents Day? Who remembers the point of Memorial Day, apart from “Unofficial Start of Summer”?

OK, I’ll crawl off my soapbox. Like any of it affects me anyway, unless I need to speak to a fed office on one of those days. Sheesh, I’m rather curmudgeonly this morning, no?

And FCD just left for the therapist’s. I’ll finish reading my usual morning stuff, then wander off to the shower.

Happy Moanday!!

Good Mornin’ Y’all! Up and caffeinatin’. YAWN ‘Tis 62 Amurrkin out and N.O.S. with a predicted high of 85 and mostly N.O.S. for the day. I was a slugabed until almost seven-thirty! Cleanin’ lady comes today around ten. Other than that, no real plans for the day. Sup shall be veggie soup and grilled ham 'n cheese sammiches.

Except for the last place I irked, I never had Columbus Day, Presidents Day, Veterans Day and such as holidays. Most of the time I did not even know they were holidays except for the fact there was no mail. Of course now that I am a retired drain on society, I don’t care about any holidays really.

Now I need more caffeine and to feed rumbly tummy. Then I suppose I should make myself somewhat decent before cleanin’ lady arrives to spiff the place.

Happy Moanday Y’all! Happy Turkey Day to all the Canadian Mumpers!

Good morning, everyone. I’m anxiously checking headlines to make sure that the pilots of the airline we’re about to fly don’t go on strike like the ones for Southwest. They don’t like the vaccine mandate and are filing a lawsuit against the airline. We’re flying next week for the first time in two years and if our pilots bug out I will be very, very unhappy.

I bought some delectable chocolate swirl brioche bread on the weekend, and slices of it are soaking in egg right now. I’m going to make french toast out of it for breakfast in an hour or two. I hope it works out. The chocolate parts of it are pure chocolate, which I didn’t know, and they might melt out into the pan and burn. We’ll see.

Mornin’ all. Up, sheveled, off to irk. Gotta visit the restaurant client and try to finish the museum piece this week. I think I’m done with laminate, so that’s nice.

Morning all. So far the world ain’t gone to hell, but it’s early… Need to get some notes out to my soccer folks, spend Sunday not thinking about it, but we’re back to practice and coaching stuff, so need to be a responsible person again. No rain and up to the mid-80’s today, so there is that.

lucky, hope the bread turns out good; sounds delicious.

Like you, FCM, I’d gladly take the day off, but things like Columbus Day (heck, if you hadn’t mentioned it I’d be wondering where the heck my mail was) never really impacted me.

Unknown, you haven’t posted yet, hope George hasn’t clawed you up too badly and that snippage is accomplished as scheduled.

OK, pills have been taken, need to make myself presentable and go shopping for shoes, grocery stuff, and Jersey Mike’s sammich in a couple hours. All y’all take care.

Well, my left knee’s doing better than it has been for about two weeks. I would have to stand in place after getting up to let it straighten out, and then those first few steps were agony. I think it’s finally on the mend.

On reception duty today at work. Ecch.

Well good morning from the soggy PNW.

I had a hell of a time trying to sleep. The last time I looked at the clock was 2:45. That, coincidentally, was the time that my husband came to bed. He then tossed and turned and scratched until he gave up and got back up at 4:00. I finally fell asleep and rolled out of bed at 5:30 because Polar needs his meds.

The husband was really very unhappy about me going mushroom hunting on my own today. Very unhappy…

I think that’s why I didn’t sleep well; I was irritated with him because he won’t go with me, and the place I’m going is just outside of a campground, so I can’t get lost and the terrain isn’t ultra rough. He gave me all sorts of grief about it. When I rolled out of bed this morning, it was raining. It’s supposed to clear up some, but I’m sure it’ll be pretty soggy out where I want to go.

Bottom line; I’m miffed because I was looking forward to this. I wouldn’t have had to worry about keeping track of someone’s whereabouts while I foraged and it would have gone much more quickly.

Since I can’t mushroom hunt, I may indulge in some retail therapy. I haven’t fully decided.

Happy Moonday!

Damp and cloudy 63 degrees this morning.
Been sprinkling off and on.
The brats had a good time at the park. Echo got a little pissy with Nelson, over a frisbee again. Out in the field there was a three-way tug-o-war with her, Nelson, and Coco. Echo won and brought it in the pavilion. Once there she considers it hers.

I’m killing a little time before I take the truck to the shop. My rental is supposed to be there waiting for me. Don’t know what it is, but for $30/day I guess I can’t be choosey.
If I wasn’t pet sitting for a friend tomorrow and Wed, I would have gone without the rental. Except my son has to irk Wed night, so I may have needed it anyway. Don’t know what my dogs are going to do while I’m sitting hers. I could take them with me, but they aren’t supposed to be in the rental.
My son came out and helped me clean up the truck a bit before I take it in. Got the doggie drool and dog hair out. He got the seat covers on a bit tighter. I probably should have taken them out again to wash them.
My truck stayed a lot cleaner before my neighbor got his car. Whenever I took him for his appointments, I’d clean out the truck while I was waiting for him.
There would be a lot less cleaning in my life if I didn’t have dogs.

When I irked for the state, we got flag day off. Then one year somebody started interviewing state employees about flag day, and since nobody know what it was, the holiday got taken away.
Since I don’t get days off, holidays don’t mean much. I can take off whenever I want, I just don’t get paid.

Ooopsie, my iron pills are OTC. Vitron-C. They are not supposed to upset your tummy, but that is a lie. What really made a difference in my energy levels was Vitamin D.
One of my friends was severely deficient in Vitamin D, she was always in pain. Especially her legs, and the skin on them was red, itchy, and scaley. Vitamin D cleared that right up.

If I had indoor cats, I’d still get the rabies vaccine. Maryland law is that if your animal bites somebody and they are not vaccinated for rabies they have to be put down and tested for rabies. If they are vaccinated, they have to be quarantined for 10 days? two weeks? You never know when somebody might get bit and make a big deal about it. It and Parvo for dogs were the only two vaccines I insisted on when I was pet sitting. Parvo because it is so contagious and you can carry it on your clothes.

'Tis a dark & stormy day. And fall is finally on its way. So that’s nice. Nobody wanted to go to school this morning thanks to the weather. I honestly don’t blame them whatsoever. I want to work like I want an extra hole in the head, but there you go. I managed to tread my own mill this morning in the basement and now I’m sitting here sweaty and unwilling to shower because I don’t feel like it, dammit.

We’re headed to Chicago this weekend to see some museums. That’ll be cool. And I managed to snag an apart-hotel with two bedrooms. I’m turning into my mom. Unless we’re in India, where the four of us usually share a bed (pretty common there), I’ve gotta have as much space as travel points allow.

It must be Monday. Logged into work and can’t access the company drive. I can get to my personal drive and the drive where we receive FTP files, but not the drive I need at the moment.

I coated and seared about three pounds of beef as soon as I got up. Chili’s going to be cooking all day.

Sheesh - what is it with knees these days? SIL meets with his surgeon today about ACL surgery on his right knee , FCD is still doing therapy post-knee replacement, and going down the stairs yesterday, my right knee felt weird. At least it feels normal today.

First load of laundry is done and stowed. There’s a load of diaper liners in the dryer and a load of diapers and some baby clothes in the washer. I put away all of Roxy’s stray toys and pushed the vacuum around the basement. FCD is about to take a nap, so I’ll head back downstairs - the liners should be dry soon. Definitely an indoor day - it’s been dreary and drizzly beyond the doors.

Holy crap - really? I have enough issues sharing my bed with one bed hog - I swear, if I let him spread out as much as he wants, I might end up with a 14" wide strip along the edge of our king bed. And eons ago when may daughter was little and I tried to nap with her, OMG, the kicking!!! I think she was a Rockette in her sleep!

Four to a bed? No. Just no. :stuck_out_tongue:

Got my rental.
Nissan whatever.
My butt is scraping the ground, my head is too close to the ceiling, and I feel like I can’t see out the side and back windows. How do tall people drive cars? I’m short and I feel cramped.
I might have my truck back Wednesday.
I hope so.

I’m crabby and fat and unhappy. That’s about as mundane and pointless as I can get.

Light volume in Smalls, which is good. Because we were light on personnel all over. But it got done. It’s drizzly, but Gordie still went out and di his business. After all those years in retail, it’s nice to occasionally get a day off, instead of having double the workload.

Yay1 And welcome!

My bad one was a little sore.

And I have a migraine.

:turkey: :canada: HAPPY THANKSGIVING, EH? .:canada: :turkey:

Feel better, WetOne

Cold north wind today, ca. 20mph. Glad I’m not doing construction irk in this. Now if we could just get some rain…

Mildly irritated that DH seems to think we need to go to the Bay Area (over 100 miles away) this weekend to get his Bronco ordered. He’s fixated on that dealership, after interacting with someone from same on a web forum, as being sure to not hit us with a surprise last-moment markup when we try to take delivery months from now. I do not like traffic in that area, and really didn’t want to burn all of Saturday on the round trip, but he made an appointment already, so here we go. (ugh)

My “sleep cycle” is utterly random lately. Will probably nap once Instacart brings anticipated goodies.

Happy Monday, Mumpers!

This week has got to be better than this last weekend. I torqued my back doing laundry (I know, I know! How stoopid was that?) and spent two days in pain. Sleep finally got everything to unknot and settle down, so today I’m in pretty good shape (round is a shape, right?) Not a cloud in the sky, but every weather report has us with rain this evening. Will be nice if it happens.

Fauci has said Trick or Treating is fine this year, so I supposed I ought to buy some decent candy for the random kids who will come by. Maybe Smart & Final has a deal on full-size Snickers.*

Fly low, stay safe and don’t let the bastards see you blink!

    • Inspired by a cartoon I saw on Facebook this weekend. DEATH is standing with a group of kids trick-or-treating at an old lady’s house. He says “No, Mildred. I have come for…are these full-size Snickers bars? No, no problem. We’re good.”