The world's most awesome flea market!

Outside Louisville, Kentucky, right off the interstate. My wife and I were killing time after a wedding we attended, and we decided to stop by, y’know, to take in the awesomeness.

It was a cavernously gigantic building, surrounded by acres and acres of people hawking their wares. Impressive.

Except that their wares were uniformly useless crap, the building was filled with stoner shops, Confederate-themed t-shirt shops, country-kitchen-esque “Bless This Mess” kitsch vendors, and puppy mills (oh, and one guy who hand-makes absolutely gorgeous furniture; we got his card). Oh, and there were a lot of guys walking around with swastika neck tattoos.

“I hear they’re trying to declare that our First Amendment rights are really more of a privilege than a right, and with all this cyberbullyin’ goin’ on, they’re gonna try to take that shit away.”

I heard a guy who was manning an e-cigarette booth say this to one of his compatriots.

So, basically, not awesome. Ick.

And more knife shops than you can imagine. Holy God, the knife shops.

Swastika neck tattoos: When you really, really, really never want decent employment.

Was this the one off Interstate 65, in the Shepherdsville area? If so, Bullitt County residents try their best to live up to all the worst stereotypes of Kentuckians.

When I moved to Louisville in 1997, my girlfriend and I went to Bullitt County to look at a used washer/dryer set. The seller also had a prominent Nazi tattoo, although it was tastefully set on his arm. My girlfriend (Hispanic) and I (Jewish) were not amused, although the guy actually seemed pleasant enough.

I went to the big flea market in my area, and it was exactly the same way. What a disappointment.

Yeah, that’s the one. The one with “THE MOST AWESOME FLEA MARKET IN THE WORLD!” prominently painted on the front of the monstrous building.

I went in looking for deals on musical gear. The only vendor with anything of any interest had the worst-looking knock-off guitars and amps I’ve ever seen, all of which were stupidly overpriced.