The World's Most Difficult "ID this song" thread

This one is a challenge. I’ve spent years unsucessfully looking for it, so now I challenge the Dope.

I’ve heard this song once. 4 years ago. On a college radio station. At night. When it was raining. Plus I think I’d been drinking… Or wanted to be drinking.

From what I remember, it basically sounds like someone playing with an early 90s synthesizer, and it sounds like it’s the first time they’ve ever touched an instrument. Over top of all this, there is a german man singing/talking in german and very heavily german accented english… Except, I’m not totally sure he knew what the english words he was saying were… I don’t remember the exact words, but they were pretty crazy.

The one line of lyrics I remember are from what I would loosly title the “chorus,” because they were repeated pretty often. What were these lyrics, you ask?

Hit me, provider. I lost my mouse… OH NO!!!
Of all my years of searching, I’ve come up with a single lead. This page seems to describe the song. (look for the big title “STEREO TOTAL”) Unfortunately, I don’t speak german. I’ve shown it to my friend who speaks bad german, and he said it didn’t give any real information, but he also said his german’s so poor that even if it described it perfectly, he still probably couldn’t comprehend it. And Bablefish… Well… let’s just say it didn’t work well.

So using the very basic info I was able to glean off that link, my only possibilities were a group called Stereo Total (which sounds nothing like what I heard that night) and a guy named Felix Kubin/Cubin… Who I haven’t actually heard any music from. But from the descriptions I’ve read of his music, it seems to fit the bill perfectly.
This song’s become something of an in-joke amongst my friends who were there to hear it, and even those who weren’t are familiar with it due to our repetition. I’d really love to find a copy of it simply so we can prove that we weren’t delusional when we heard it.

So that’s my predicament. Anyone have any ideas? I’d be greatful for any information at all on this. Thanks folks, I believe in you.

Sounds like “Hit me Provider” by Felix Kubin. Defintiely not Stereo Total, whose work I know. Link to come (I’m at work).

Here. Although it seems I may have been hasty. Stereo Total does seem to have a song with those (or similar) lyrics (although I’ve never heard it, and they’re not credited in the linkto the link).

Amazing, pinch hit grand slam by woodstockbirdybird! Clears the bases on his first swing.

Well, that could just be my B.O.

Very impressive, woodstockbirdybird - how the heck did you come up with that one??

St_Ides - definitely time to heap on the praise.

I’m speechless… Thank you so very, very much.

And like WordMan said… How? I thought I’d tried everything. I’d even been to that site… I never found anything.