The World's Worst Sandwiches (a partial list)

FROM THE JUDGES: All entries will be served on white Wonder Bread (lightly toasted over a burning tire) unless otherwise noted.
Bologna and lime Jello.

Sliced Twinkies and artichoke hearts. (ketchup optional)

Sardines with chocolate sauce.

Open-faced fried egg with raw oysters

Tapioca pudding and onion rings on Pumpernickel

Peanut Butter and Spam

Raw ground beef and Froot Loops

Mashed potatoes and strawberry jam with Dijon mustard.

and finally,

Haggis, Lettuce and Turnip
your contributions welcome,
W.W.S. advisory board

I think it’s quite hard to pass up:

Peanut Butter & Monkey Brains

yum yum!

My grandmother loves peanutbutter and tomatoes. Yuk. I love tomatoes, and I love peanutbutter, but often mixing two good things is not a good idea.


I’m partial to tuna, sour cream and onion potato chips, provolone cheese, peanut butter and honey on a sub roll.


Hey, now…I don’t recall authorising this…

Anybody up for a fistful o’ tongue-n-tripe? Vegemite on the side? Lutefisk and marmalade? Anybody?

OK!! Who’s the one that took my cookbook??

ok, this needs a little prep:

  1. get 30-40 chickens form the really cheap industrial food pantry in your local metropolitan area. the older and nastier, the better.

  2. in a church commercial kitchen boil 50Gal tanks and throw chickens in - NO seasoning!!!

  3. when fully cooked, remove and drain.

  4. use meat for various casserole dishes to feed homeless, church members, hated enemies, etc.

  5. take (now congealed and cold) chicken skin and give to children of Church members to have as a TREAT!! (yes, they called it a treat!)

  6. place on stale government wonder bread type substance
    [thius is technically a violation of the OP as Wonder bread is a far superior product to this sawdusty, chewy and unevenly ground wheat(I presume) substance]

  7. add two part govt margarine.
    (what? you’ve never seen the industrial grade margarine you have to mix like epoxy that the govt uses for its mass feeding programs?) poor you…not

  8. eat and chase with the 1 ounce liquid little creamers that you steal from the coffee area.

Sad but true part of my childhood…and people wonder why I am so obsessed with having good food and plenty of it at all times…

I once made a peanut butter and mayonnaise sandwich to see what it tasted like. Answer: death.

In the sounds-horrible-but-is-actually-quite-decent category, I once made myself a pork loin and baba ghannouj sandwich. Very pleasant.

In an Archie comic Archie asks Jughead what he is eating.
He answers, “An oatmeal sandwich.” :smiley:

liverwurst & marshmellow cream

“I spent 10 whole days in Jerusalem…
And all I ate was olives
Lots of olives
Mountains of olives
Olives on sandwiches
It was a good 10 days.
I like olives!”

Matt - that sounds wonderful! I love baba ghanouj and it would be great with pork loin. Not to mention the irony…

Peanut butter and KY Jelly.

When I was a kid, I once made a sandwich with peanut butter, grape jelly, ham, baloney, salami, liverwurst, fake American cheese and butter on white bread. I don’t remember what it tasted like, but I did eat the whole sandwich.

Chitlins and jelly on rye.

Sardines and cool whip.

Marshmallow fluff and tuna.

A guy i use to work with loved penut butter and tuna with munster cheese.

Once in home ec class, we made tinned pea sandwiches. They were really vile.

We also made Brown Stew which is beyond vile…

This would stick to the roof of your…?

In my youth I was partial to peanut butter and bologna sandwiches. Not sure if this is gross or not.

I didn’t know Herman, Lily, Grampa and the gang were in the cheese business, but it sounds pretty gross.