The worst summer ever!!!

So, we were supposed to go on vacation mid-May. Then I had to have some shoulder work done. This was followed by 4-5.5 hrs of pt every day for six weeks. In the course of this my Dr. thought I had some sort of cancer so I underwent 5 weeks of blood tests, x-rays, cat scans, mri’s, mamograms, and sonograms. He finally said, basically; “When come back, bring symptoms.” I think I’m fine, btw.

Half-way thru my shoulder bit Mrsin blew out his knee and had to have it scoped, followed by----weeks of pt.

We finally got on the road and got to our vacation destination and… essential bits of our car gave up the ghost. Unfortunately it’s an import and no import dealers are located within hundreds of miles. We eventually find someone to fix the car (someday) and almost immediately Mrsin is called by his co-worker bees to go back across the country to attend an ‘essential’ gathering of worker bees. Mrsin flies (buzzes) to the gathering, leaving me in the ‘vacation destination’ accruing vacation ‘memories’ alone.

Mrsin then returns to the ‘vacation destination’ and we have a ‘night to remember’. Reality intrudes the next day with a death in the family. This is followed by twenty’s of hours driving including breaking down in the ‘heartland’ in order to make it to the funeral in the nick of time.

All in all a whole bunch of driving, hassles and not a a lot of fun. However, we met a lot of strangers who helped us out along the way. My faith in my fellow cits has been renewed. Life is good.


I’m sorry that all happened to you. I can sympathize; I’ve had a tough time on several fronts lately as well. As Paulie on The Sopranos said: “2007 can fuck itself.”

Getting one’s faith in fellow citizens renewed is a good thing, though. Way to find the silver lining!

My sympathies as well.

I hope your next chance at R&R goes much much better!

Thanks for the best wishes guys. Sorry, I just ranted and left. :smack: Again thanks, had a lot on my mind and have just been posting randomly, oh wait a minute that’s what I normally do. :cool: