The Yalta Accord.

I have a burning question.
Is the Yalta Accord a coverup of some kind?
Is it still binding?
Or is it just psychologically binding in retrospect for all the Anti-Polonists out there.
In terms of what Anti-Polonism stands for that is an unspoken hatred of the Polish people. Maybe outspoken too after all.
Depending on how occult it may be along with the effects of the postmortem relating to Yalta.
When I was growing up, every week or so, new books with Polish jokes used to get into print.
The jokes hurt my feelings.
But this was before the civil rights movement in the USA. With its international impact on human rights.
When I was a boy, Churchill and Stalin were still alive I think. President Roosevelt as well.
I remember the hullabaloo about Stalin’s daughter Svetlana.
Alright, after he died.
White people particularly males could openly use the n word, the p word (derogatory for Polish, a Pole, oh ok, un poteau as the Pepsi or peasoup said), the w word (Italian person) and so forth, this huge borderless movement, concerning human rights in general, affected women, workers or labour as they call it in England, the blacks or Africans, the Jews, the homosexuals,
others such as all the ethnic or cultural minorities. And children too.
How did children live BEFORE children’s rights? You can’t imagine.
Yalta was certain to be the rule to drive the last nail into Poland’s and Polonia’s vapid coffins.
The Pope’s were all Italians which saved the Italian community from being completely ostracized.
So did spaghetti and meatballs, pizza, Chianti.
But everybody hated me for the simple fact I was Polish. The Irish would especially but so would the Italians.
Within these minorities, we were in a state of siege. But, also, at war with each other.
Fighting over the scraps falling from the white man’s table. Ok. Male macho chauvinist pigs.
A pig was a policeman, by the way, back in those times. And our masters were all Lilly White.
I despise what is now referred to as Anti-Polonism.
It’s sort of an echo of Anti-Semitism.
It was born from the raging conflict between Poles and Jews. I’m part Jewish.
Believe me. This conflict isn’t over. Ever since the fall of the Berlin Wall, the conflict has steadily gained in stature and, if you knew the problems at hand, you would understand that there’s a sometimes occult cover-up of the reasons for it.
So did Roosevelt and Churchill betray the freedom loving Poles and let Stalin occupy their country by imposing communism at the highest possible price?
Such as a million dead.
Among the bourgeois, the Rich so-called.
If these facts were better known, the Communist party of Canada would be illegal.
Anti-Polonism is the attitude to downplay Poland which is totally corrupt by the way.
To also actually suppress Poland.
To deny it’s citizens even a semblance of humanity except in terms of the colonial type of attitude we find towards them in the British Commonwealth, for example.
The worst part is the historical inaccuracy regarding Poland.
Because from it, we get all the harmful anti Polish politics and resulting racism.
Poland got betrayed by England and the USA at Yalta. So much should be clear.

Y’all talkin’ to us?

Mr. Canadian of Polish decent…go to bed. This is just a rambling mess.

Is this the Yalta Accord you are talking about? It doesn’t look very occult to me, but maybe you mean something else.


It’s poetry. Read it to the tune of Canadian Pierogi.

The day that Stalin died.
They were singing…

Um…well, I’ll take the first part on, since it’s a burning question. The Yalta Accord wasn’t a cover-up, as that term is generally used. It obviously isn’t still binding either. After that, I’m unsure what you are getting at as it looks like alphabet soup. One thing (well, two actually…possibly 3) I feel compelled to point out is that the USSR doesn’t exist anymore, Stalin is still dead and Poland is no longer in the Warsaw Pact or bound to Russia. I say this in case you hadn’t gotten the word.

What about Generalissimo Francisco Franco?

On ice with Walt Disney and Elvis. Thought everyone knew that.

“The raging conflict between Poles and Jews”?

Believe me, there is no conflict between Poles and Jews. I know you think that Poland is the center of the world, but really, you’re barely a blip on our radar. We Jews have other more important issues to worry about.

Heck, I’m a Canadian Jew of Eastern European descent, and while my views on Eastern Europe tend toward the negative, they’re not particularly strongly negative. More like “that place sucks; I’m glad my ancestors got the heck outta there.”

What specifically do you mean by “occult”?

O’Ccult. He said the Irish, especially, hate the Polons.

Okay, I’m going to take a shot at this.

No, the Yalta Accord was not a cover-up. It was pretty much an open agreement that recognized the reality that existed at the time. The US and the UK didn’t give Poland to the Soviets; Poland was never theirs to give away. The Soviet army took Poland from the German army and the Americans and British couldn’t have stopped that. All they did at Yalta was recognize the Soviet occupation of Poland rather than make symbolic protests against it. That was the price they paid for a Soviet agreement to enter the war against Japan.

There has been anti-Polish prejudice in the United States. But I don’t think it was ever as bad as the prejudice that was directed at some other groups. Some Polish-Americans responded to this prejudice by fighting with the other ethnic communities that lived alongside them and suffered from similar prejudice. How much responsibility for this lies with the members of those ethnic communities who were fighting with each other and how much lies with the people outside of the community who were imposing the conditions the ethnic groups lived in is open to debate. Personally, I think people from all sides want to point the finger at the others in order to absolve their own group from any blame. I’d think we’d all be better off if we just acknowledged our common guilt for what happened in the past and worked on eliminating the ethnic conflict that still exists.

I’d remind the OP that “P” also stands for “Papist,” which is how much of Europe and America dismissed Italians for 400 years.

Europeans have been fighting each other for centuries (that’s not limited to Europe, either.) Poland happened to be a convenient battlefield for some of those fights, but so did the Alsace, Bohemia, Ukraine, and Brittany, among others.

I can almost make sense of this. Almost. I’m going to give the OP one chance to clarify the topic for debate.


There was a raging conflict between Poles and Jews. Back in the 30s and 40s. After 40s there were no more Jews left alive in Poland, so the conflict was over.

I know all these words, but I just can’t parse this…

You feel threatened by the existence of the Communist Party of Canada?

Nobody takes them seriously, not even other communists! You may need to reset your outrage metre a titch on that front.

I think it’s pretty clear the Yalta Accord is no longer in effect. Poland and the other countries covered by Yalta are now members of NATO.

A burning question I’d have is why the OP THINKS the accord is still in place today. I didn’t even know this was a question at this point.