The yard sign thread

What yard signs are you seeing in the run up to the 2018 election? Do any of them surprise or intrigue you?

I have about a 30 mile commute that starts in CO-7 (Perlmutter - D) and ends in CO-2 (Polis - D).

The yard sign champion along my commute is Lesley Dahlkemper who is running for Jefferson County Commissioner as a… I’m not 100% sure. I’m guessing democrat based on who has endorsed her and some other info, but her campaign web site doesn’t seem to make mention of party. Is that weird for an office at this level? Is it weird that she has so many yard signs up? I have no idea who her opponent is.

Second place goes to Ed Perlmutter who is my congressman. My commute also gets within a couple hundred yards of his campaign HQ, but his signs are not confined to that area. This is my fourth election day in Colorado and in this district and Ed’s signs have not changed a bit. His opponent is Mark Barrington but so far I have seen no sign of him. Boom! Pun!

For the governor race I have seen one Stapleton-R sign and zero Polis-D signs. Step up your game Jared. If you lose this race you’ll have nothing left except your billions of dollars.

Other assorted sign related sightings include a house with what I’m guessing is every democratic sign they could get their hands on. It’s a lot of signs and I recognize Perlmutter in there because of the aforementioned familiarity.

A different house has a giant (8’ by 5’ ish) Christine Jensen sign. She is the Republican running against Democrat Jessie Danielson for state senate district 20 (which I happen to live in). This is by far the biggest yard sign I see daily. It is possible that that is where Christine Jensen lives.

Later today I’m going to drive by the house that had the hand lettered, “Vote for an American,” sign up in 2012. I am anticipating some MAGA goodness. Finger crossed.

Finally, all these signs are in Jefferson County. I have seen zero signs in the part of my drive in Boulder County. I’m primarily in rural parts of Boulder County but I do go through a couple of miles of residential east Boulder at the end of my commute. Not a single sign, but it’s still early days.

I’ll update this thread should any interesting developments occur in signs in Lance’s neighborhood news. In the meantime, I’d love to hear about your current sign experiences. For real.

My town still has several Trump Pence signs. Somebody spray painted “Fuck You” on one, but the owner carefully cleaned it off. Another one had the slogan changed with a sticker so it now reads, “Make America Nixon Again”, which remains to this day.

From Michigan’s 2nd: In my area, my Congressman, Bill “Rubber Stamp” Huizenga (R-Trump), has very few actual yard signs. He has several of those large wooden monstrosities (kinda like billboards, but temporary) at a few intersections and on busy roads. But all along Michigan’s wealthy, semi-conservative lakeshore, I’m seeing tons of his opponent’s signs-- Rob Davidson for Congress-- in yards.

Now, this is still a safe ® district, but danged if Davidson isn’t gonna give ol’ Billy a run for his money.

I live in a very red part of Oregon, so naturally I’m seeing a lot of signs for Knute Buehler, the Republican nominee for governor. He’s not a Trumpist but nonetheless he’s pretty reprehensible. Locally, we have this guy running for county commissioner. Apparently, the only thing he’s running on is “I saved some people from a terrorist and became a 2-bit celebrity, so elect me!” There’s a few signs for him, but he has a lot of competition.

Interestingly, I haven’t seen any signs for House races. Maybe I just haven’t been looking hard enough. This district (Oregon’s 4th) encompasses Eugene, so the Dem always wins despite the county always voting Repub.

I have yet to see a single yard sign related to the mid-term elections in Central, IN.

Saw one for “No on Question 3”, which would deregulate the energy industry and allow competition to the current sole provider.

It was secured to a fence with electrical tape.

Coincidence? :wink:

I haven’t seen any yard signs yet for the November election. A few bumper stickers, but they’re all nonspecific and could apply outside the context of any particular election. A small number of online ads.

If the yard signs in my neighborhood mean anything, Mississippi’s Senate delegation next year is going to consist of David Baria and Chris McDaniel. (If polling means anything, that is pretty much the least likely outcome, short of an upset by some dude named Toby Bartee.)

In Lakeview East, in Chicago, there’s really only one competitive race and that’s for Illinois Governor. I’ve seen more Bernie Sanders stickers than JB Pritzker stickers. I imagine my area voted for Daniel Biss in the primary. Pritzker will win my neighborhood in the general but I expect it’ll be a lot of hold your nose type votes.

I’m seeing local signs: candidates for state delegate, county commission, stuff like that.

The only time I’ll see even a Hogan sign, it’s with signs for persons running for lesser office. (Haven’t seen any signs for Ben Jealous at all yet.)

In Michigan’s 8th district, I have seen a few signs for Elissa Slotkin but none so far for soon-to-be-defeated Mike Bishop. Likewise I’ve seen several signs for Gretchen Whitmer but none for Bill Shuette.

Back in August, in the GOP primary for KS 2nd District there were a lot of yard signs and TV ads for Steve Watkins, who won the primary. But what’s odd is that after the primary, the yard signs and TV ads all went poof. (Our neighbors had a yard sign before the primary, afterwards it was in their trash.) I see a lot of yard signs for the Democratic candidate (Paul Davis), and of course a lot of attack ads on TV from pro-GOP groups, but nothing for the GOP candidate himself, which just seems weird.

Beto, Beto, Beto. I was out by the lake Monday and saw my first Cruz sign. He is not popular here.

Dallas here, and yeah, Beto signs are everywhere.

Our local AM radio conservative talk show host has been repeatedly lamenting that there aren’t many Cruz signs out there. He even asked Cruz a few questions about it during an interview last week.

Basically, it’s that Beto is getting “big money from the liberal elite” so he’s able to produce more signs. Ted Cruz is the scrappy underdog (despite being the incumbent, Texas always leaning Republican, etc.) but if people want to log on to his site to purchase some, they can.

I really hope that the signs are an indication of how this election will go.

Given the metropolitan areas of TX tend to skew blue, but that leaves a great amount of people still vote Republican, I’m not holding my breath as of yet.

In my 'hood? Nothing. It’s a very hispanic, blue collar neighborhood. Completely apolitical as far as I’ve been able to tell since I’ve lived here, the last 4 years. Then again, I don’t understand what anyone is saying. :wink: But there are no yard signs.

These signs are inconsistent with your location as Asheville, NC…more like west of Denver.

Not a lot of yard signs around, but 1 door to door travelling politician, and lots of TV ads.
Bigfoot goes hunting.

Well spotted.

I live in Lancia’s neck of the woods, rural on the outskirts of Eugene. We share a House representative.

The only signs I’ve seen are for that House representative (Peter DeFazio).

There used to be more Trump signs but those have almost all gone.

I was particularly pleased when one gun and ammo dealer in a nearby town ceased putting up his Trumpesque advertising sign boards. They were all composed in the typical gaslighting nomenclature. I often wondered if I was the only person in the area withholding my business from him because his signs were so juvenile and lacking in basic human decency. I guess I wasn’t, since the sign board is no more.

In my part of the world, one should not assume that living rural automatically translates to “supports Trump and/or his agenda.”

I see yard signs for somebody named “Schermoly” running for mayor in the neighborhood over.

The campaign manager who DIDN’T come up with the slogan “Holy Schermoly!” needs to be fired.