The "You are dumb" thread

If you think that evolution is “just a theory” and somehow that undermines its credibility, then you are dumb.

If you believe people are waging/declaring “war on ____” when there is no actual combat, weapons, or anything other than people disagreeing with your beliefs, then you are dumb.

If you don’t think you are a bigot, you just believe in the sanctity of the marriage institution and that gay marriage undermines that, then you are dumb.

By extension, if you think that gay people have the right to marry members of the opposite sex just like heteros and that should be sufficient, then you are dumb.

By further extension, if you think that gay marriage should be illegal because if it is legal whats to stop people from marrying their dogs, then you are dumb.

If you still don’t believe that humans are causing climate change and assume the ~90% scientific consensus is a result of scientists all rigging the data to get grants, then you are dumb.

If you think the government would destroy 2 major buildings, kill several thousand of its own citizens, and destroy a section of the pentagon, all in a major concerted action requiring dozens if not hundreds of conspirators with 100% secrecy and no leaks, all to start a war that they could have started anyways without doing this, then you are dumb.

If you ever thought Obama wasn’t born in the US, then you are dumb.

If you post in this thread something to the effect of “If you post a series of personal opinions as if they are blanket facts and insult reasonable people in the process, then you are dumb,” then you are dumb.

Feel free to add your own!

If you think the word "war" does not have multiple meanings, then you are dumb.

If you think you’re smarter than me you are dumb.

See Theorum (as distinct from “Theory” and from “Theorem”).

If you demand “entitlements” be slashed while drawing Social Security and/or Medicare benefits, you are not just dumb, you are a worthless piece of garbage.

You can have a “war of words.” You do not declare “a war of words” the way that certain types claim other types “have declared war on ____”.

Interesting timing, as less than a week ago was the 40th anniversary of LBJ’s famous declaration of a “War on Poverty”, which eventually led to such things as Head Start, food stamps, work study, Medicare, and Medicaid.

*correction: 48th anniversary of the “War on Poverty”.

But which ultimately ended like Vietnam – declare victory and pull out. Only, without the declaration of victory.

We only declare war on things we have no chance of defeating. The guys we think we can take get police actions, campaigns, military combat…

…violence processing.

I declare a thumb war…

It’s “smarter than I.” You lose. :wink:

[thumbwar quickly escalates beyond nuclear brink; 800 million die]

Dayum. Oops.

That’s silly…

Because it is close to 97% in reality. :slight_smile:

That is also silly…

After even right winger “luminaries” like Ann Coulter thinks that birthers are nuts, and ignore the overwhelming evidence already presented, they are worse than dumb, they are stillbirthers.

If you think that we don’t need health & safety regulations from government agencies like the FDA because you are too smart to be fooled, then you’re dumb. And rabidly selfish to boot.

Obama was born in Hawaii, and no one was going around calling that a “state” before they had to justify claiming he was a U.S. citizen. :mad:

If you think you know better, you are dumb.

Really? Not even the possibility of doubt?
I’m mean I know he was born in the US, but imaging that the son of a Nigerian who lived in Indonesia was not born in the US is not farfetched. The foolishness is continue to believed when presented with clear fact.