The "You are dumb" thread

Kinetic processing. The term “kinetic operation” is an actual euphemism used by the military. It means violent operations.

One problem with that is that it’s logically recursive and somewhat paradoxical; anyone who believes it believes that they “know better”, and therefore are dumb; but if they are right, how can they be dumb?

…If you are among the 43% of people in a poll who think that god helps Tebow win football games.

If you call yourself “pro life” but support the death penalty, you are dumb.

Doubly interesting, it’s the 4th anniversary of liberals declaring the War on Christmas. Oh wait, I guess they didn’t.

If you think re-diluting something to the point that not one molecule remains will make it an effective medical treatment then you are dumb. If you sell water in small bottle for large amounts of money to dumb people then you are smart, and an asshole.

If you post ignorant crap like this, you are dumb…or a troll.

If you think that strapping on a belt that gives your fat rolls tiny electric zaps is going to transform them into a chiseled six-pack.

Given that Obama’s father was neither a Nigerian nor did he live in Indonesia…

…well, see the thread title.


:eek: 2001 join date?! It’s taking longer than we thought, indeed!

If you think that autism is caused by vaccinations, and that people in the past survived having the measles, mumps, etc, so we should be okay, you are dumb.

If you beg your doctor for antibiotics for the common cold, you are dumb.

If you think that Obama is a secret Muslim, you’re a mother fucking dumbass.

They still sell those things? Christ.

This may get interesting.

Hawaii has been called a state since 1959. I certainly learned about it as a state back in school (I was born in 57).

Here’s my problem with this: I’m all for the goal, but I disagree with the solution. I like coming up with a new term, but dont like that theorum is a homonym of theorem. If we truly want to distinguish the 3, they need 3 distinct phonetics, IMO

Looks like an ignorance war sleeper cell received its orders.

Mistyped, I wanted to say Kenyan.
Barack Obama did live in Indonesia, but I can see that the grammar may point to meaning that Obama Sr. had when I meant the US Prez.

Yes, but WHY was it? Doesn’t it seem a little TOO convenient that it happened to receive it’s statehood less than TWO YEARS before counterfeit birth announcements were placed in its local newspapers averring that a child born in KENYA was actually born THERE?

What if you favor it for that reason?

Just curious.

If you think a line can not be drawn separating an innocent life from the life of a rapist/murderer, you are dumb.

Because they talk of the “sanctity of life”, not the sanctity of life of only those who deserve it.

If you use a semantic nitpick to call a political stance “dumb”, then you are dumb.

And you have to apply the same nitpick to the term “choice”.